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Words Cannot Explain The Emotions

Dedicated to my Uncle Terry, who is currently in the hospital and on life support, and to our family with it's lack of closeness. Words cannot explain the emotions, The depth and the numbness inside, Pain that runs deep to the core, Working inside this heart of mine, Words are spoken, But emotions cannot catch up, Thoughts keep racing trying to make sense, Haven’t seen you in quite some time, Since you moved out of the state, Now I hear you are in the hospital, And that your state is critical, And that your time might be up, Prayers are said, Thoughts are thought, But words still cannot explain the emotions, Or explain what is to be felt, The shock has not subsided, As there were no words that can explain, The truths that have been uncovered, Since his wife has made it known, Depression has been a problem, How he came to this place, And words just cannot explain, There are so many unanswered questions, There are so many hard t