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Whatever You Do

Whatever you do, Whatever you say, Whatever goes on, Just know these words, Just know this heart, Just know that this love is forever true, Whatever those people say, Whatever those people do, Whatever goes on along the way, Just keep on remembering, Just keep on knowing, Just keep on believing, Just keep on believing in us, Just keep on believing in me, Whatever you do, Whatever you say, Whatever goes on in your day, Just remember these words, Although just words on a page, Because these words are true, I will tell you this every single day, It does not matter, What might go on, I am here for you, As you are here for me, I love you with every moment, Every fiber of my being, Every single day, There is nothing in this world, Nothing that is out there, That means more than what you mean to me, So remember this, Remember these words, Never worry about what those others say, They don’t know us, They don’t know who we are, They don’t know anything, But I know us, I know you and me, I know