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You Stand There At The Crossroads

You stand there at the crossroads,
Stand there looking one side,
Than looking to another,
Wondering which path to choose,
Wondering which way to turn,
Wondering where your life is going to go from here,
Wondering how to keep going,
Wondering who can you truly love,
Wondering if your heart has turned into ice,
Wondering if you can even feel,
You stand there at the crossroads,
Standing there looking down each path,
Looking down both roads,
Not knowing which way,
Not knowing which path to take,
Wondering what can you do,
Wondering who to love,
Wondering everything else that does not part
From your very lips,
I look at you,
I look into those blue eyes,
Knowing you more than most can,
Knowing you more than most ever could,
Knowing you deeply even more than some close to you,
Knowing every part of you,
Knowing how much it kills you,
To keep standing there at the crossroads,
To keep on waiting,
Just some answers,
Something to hold onto,
Something to make things seem better,
Not really knowing any…

No One Wants The Emotions

No one wants the rain,
Even though we all go through it,
No one wants the hardship,
Even though hardships make you stronger,
No one wants the hurt,
Even though it’s a part of life,
No one wants to suffer,
Although suffering in certain ways
Can only bring wonder,
And things that are better,
Even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time,
No one wants the emotions,
That lay within them,
They do not want to show it,
They rather just hide,
They rather just pretend,
They rather not see what’s in front of them,
They rather not see the truth around them,
Even though all they are doing,
Is hurting everyone around them,
Not realizing how much they are losing,
No one wants to handle the moments,
That is difficult or hard,
No one wants to help those that truly are in need,
So many people are shallow,
So many people are selfish,
So many people forget to look outside of themselves,
So many people forget what is all around them,
They forget how what they do affects more than just them,
Forget about how different things …

Looking For The Answers

Note: I haven't been posting any blogs because I have been writing a novel for National Novel Writing Month I have now hit the 50k mark and I will be working on it more soon as I am not done with the story yet but now working on poetry again :)

Looking for the answers in this world,
Looking for something to keep believing in,
Looking for a way through the dark moments,
Looking for a way to keep believing,
Looking for that moment,
Where I can just lose myself without thinking,
Lose the moment,
Lose everything,
Just fade away,
Just be,
Looking for that moment,
That time that everything seems so easy,
Wishing about things,
Remembering the good times in the past,
Knowing life is never easy,
But sometimes it sure seems harder,
Looking for a way to keep on going,
Stumbling a bit along the way,
Looking for that peace,
Looking for everything in between,
Can I just have that moment?
Can I just have that joy?
Can I just believe?
Can I just pretend?
Can I please I beg,
But it’s not that simple it seems,
It is not the …