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Is It Too Late

Am I too late to tell you I am sorry? Am I too late to tell you that I care? Am I too late to ask for forgiveness? To go back to that space and time, When things were different than they are now, When I didn’t have to miss you, Miss the talks we would have, The laughs that we shared, And the tears that we shed, The ones that we healed for each other, It seems like yesterday, But it has been several months now, The memories are still strong, The memories still sting in my mind, Even though most days I handle it fine, But I still miss you, Miss the smile you always had, The laughter as it rang throughout the room, The times we could just talk about anything, You were the closest person I ever had in my life, So many years that we had gone through, Through the trials and tribulations of this life, Through each mistake we had made, Through every heartbreak, Is it too late? The hours have been many, Minutes have ticked by, I am star

Mind is on the Run

Your mind is on the run, Hiding from the emotions, Running from the memories and thoughts, Those things that happened in the past, Blocked by a high wall constructed, To keep the hurt from overflowing in, To keep the pain from those moments, The ones that were the last of you and me, The ones that put me to the brink of true emotional hurt, They never say that it is easy, And if they do they lie, When you truly separate from someone, Someone that you thought would love you forever, Someone that pledged their all to you, The one that you swore to, But the hiding can only last so long, Even when you construct that wall, So high and tall, You think nothing will get through, Nothing can make it disappear, Nothing can heal that deep hurt, The hurt caused by the one, The one your life you thought was meant for, Your mind is on the run, Trying to use anything to turn and hide, Hide from those times of yesterday, Those deep scars from yo