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All He Wanted For Christmas

All he wanted for Christmas, All he desired, All he dreamed of, Was to be by your side, To be with you, To care for you, To love you, Even if it was still soon, All he wanted for Christmas, All he thought of, Was how happy he actually felt, After so many years, After so many times, After so many hardships, After so many disappointments, After so many rough patches, He saw new hope, He saw new light, He found his belief in love again, Even if he never fully gave up before, I could tell the change, The change in his voice, The change in his heart, The change in his mind, The change in his soul, But then you turned it around, Told him things, Said things, Made that happiness disappear, Made that voice change again, Made him feel it was him, Feel that it was his fault, That he did something wrong, All he wanted for Christmas, Was something that couldn’t be given, As a material thing, Just your heart, Just your love, Just something that you cannot measure, Just something that he wanted to h

We've Always Been Close

We’ve always been close, We’ve always been closely linked, We’ve always seemed to have parallel lives, When it comes to love, When it comes to friends, When it comes to things, That is around us, Maybe not always the same, Maybe not always a duel copy, But we both have gone through so much, So much close to the same time, Close to the same moments, Closer than most could ever think, I understand you more than most, I know what lies within your heart, I know what lies within your soul, I see it all, I see it more, Because I am your best friend, I am the one that has been by your side, The one that has your back, The one that is there through thick and thin, And although we have had our downs, As well as all the ups, Because I care about you, Because I love you, Because I want the best for you, We’ve always been close, I have always been there, Even through those dark times, My mind was always on you, I always cared about you, Always wanted your happiness, Always wanted you to feel, Love

It Hurts My Heart

It hurts my very depth, My very soul, Watching you hurt, Watching you want to cry, Watching you wonder, Watching you doubt yourself, Knowing that even with a hug, Even with a long conversation, Even with being the best friend, I cannot fully heal, The wound you have been given, The wound that is now fresh in your heart, In your mind, In your soul, I care about you so much, I have known you for so long, I hate to see you this way, To see you think those things, To think that it is something you did, Something you said, Something that is about you, When I see what I see, What I know what I know, When you are who you are, It hurts the very depth, The very heart of my soul, The very being of my mind, The very deepest emotions, I hate seeing you this way, Seeing you through this, Just when you felt you found someone, Someone you could care about, Someone that you liked so much, Someone I thought I even could sense, But then it was turned around, Turned from those emotions, And you were stuc