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When We Tell Them About Christmas

When we tell them about Christmas, When we give them the truth of the season, When we tell them what it stands for, Will we be the hero or villain? Will we talk about how we stood for it? That we were strong in our faith? That we ministered to others? That we gave His word to those that were thirsting, That needed to know the truth, The truth about Christmas? When we tell them about Christmas, Will we be foe or friend? Will we be ashamed that we didn’t do enough? That we didn’t try enough? That we didn’t let God’s spirit lead us? That we just let it happy, That we stopped caring about those things, That should be important here and now? That we didn’t spread the gospel message, That Christ came here to die for? About how He came down from heaven, To give us salvation, This free gift we could easily take for granted, About how He wanted to bring us all to Him, That He wants to spare us all, Even the most difficult and vilest of beha

Struggle for Healthcare

There doesn’t seem to be a straight answer, An answer of how to help each person with their health, Forcing a certain type of coverage is not the answer, Not having coverage is not the answer, The price people have to pay when they cannot be, On a health plan that works for them is out of this world, So many people are out there uninsured, Just praying each day that they will get through it, Because the costs of doctors and medications seem higher, Than the amount of money they have to use, And going without care is not any better, As things get worse and worse for them, Handling health problems is not an easy solution, And by being in someone else’s shoes, You might realize just how valuable this is, So, many are frustrated because of the months, Or the years they have gone without, And every single other program is no help, And there quality of life seems zero, There doesn’t seem to be a straight answer, There is something that needs to be

Something In This World

If only there was something in this world of ours, That could rid of everything hurtful in our lives, If only there was some sort of power, Where it would take away the pain and suffering, Of many that are around us, If only there was a machine, To rid of illnesses and diseases, Both those seen and unseen, And this machine would show others, How a person feels, So that we may better understand each other, And be there in love for each person, Through their hardships and difficulties, It would rid of all the chemicals in our world, Things that make us sick without knowing it, It would rid all the memories of our lives, That we thought certain things were good for us, It would break it down to nothing, It would give us understanding, It would give us a better belief to hold onto, It would give us something more, The tears that have been shed, For the losing of this person and that person, Would be lost forever, I would rid the world of