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Never Will I Let Go

Never will I let go, As long as these feelings stay strong, As long as you are wiling to try, As long as you hold me tight, These emotions run so strong, It takes my very breathe away, You are the guy I’ve been Searching for, For so long, There is no one from my past That can compare to this, I’ve been swept away Never will I let go, Not when I’ve found you, My heart skips a million beats, Just looking into your eyes, I catch a breathe, As I feel the hope of love Restored by being with you, Never will I let go, You need to not be afraid my darling, It is a crazy ride, But life is a crazy ride, As long as we have each other, As long as you give this a chance, As long as you hold me close, Maybe it is crazy, Maybe it has been a blur, Maybe it has gone fast, But time doesn’t seem to matter Whenever I am with you, I could feel as if the world slow down, Whenever I am in your arms, Never will I let go, My heart belongs to you, You hold the key, I am your girl Now and forever, Because I will