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Hearts Ache Here In The World

Hearts ache here in the world, Tears are flowing with the loss, Of those young and old, Those who have lost their lives, Due to those that take away, People who mean so much too many, Hearts are beaten here in the world, Torn apart with the tragic moments, That has plagued our world, Peace seems like a fantasy, And healing seems like a dream, Innocent lives have been taken from us, From these painful things happening in the world, And where are we going to turn? What are we going to do? How can we make a difference? To change the state of the world? Hearts are broken here in the world, From the loss of so many lives, From the decisions of those, That decided to hurt innocent lives, We need to listen to the world, We need to listen to those hurting, We need to turn back now, Turn back to the Lord, The one that can bring peace to this world, We need to find a change, Innocent lives need to stop being lost, From those who use si