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Yahoo Group Tutorial Part 4 How Do I Do That

Now that you have created your group, customized it, and maybe poked through the features a bit now you are going to wonder exactly how to do certain things. One of the many issues I have come across from those newer to groups is if they set their members to be moderated when they join the group how to change that. This is actually a lot easier than most people would think. First, you go to the members portion go to the person you need to change and click edit membership once there you are able to actually not only where you can change the posting message settings but other things as well.

Here you can also change members to moderators and owners of the group. This is good for those that want to have more people to help them with either certain sections of the group or the group itself. Below this is where it has a posting messages and next to it will be an edit button that you can click to change their posting privileges, this is also good to use if you have a suspicion that so…

Yahoo Group Tutorial Part 3- Group Features

Group Features

Yahoo groups offer many various features to its members that you can restrict so that only certain people can use them or everyone can. Some of the important features yahoo groups’ offers are files, databases, links, polls, photos, calendar, and invite. Now, depending on your type of group some of these features you might use more than others. In this section I will break down each important main feature, what it does, how to use it, and how it is beneficial for you as well.

First, I will cover the files section of groups. This is one of my most used features that I use on all my groups because I make files for a lot of various things, everything from pending member forms, mod lists, and much more. If you are going to have a lot of variety of files I suggest making folders for the various things. Than once you have the folder set up you can add the file in two different ways. You can either add a file which will let you do it through word or any other word processi…

Yahoo Group Tutorial Part 2- Customizing Your Group

Customizing Your Group

Before you invite and advertise your group you will want to customize your group to make your group seem inviting and something people will want to join. First you will need to go to Management. It will be listed on the left side just scroll down as you see messages and other links to things that will be covered later on in the tutorial.

Once you have clicked on Management the first part you want to go to, is description and appearance, go to the left side on the top it will list Description and Appearance, Web Tools, Messages, and Membership. First we are going to click on the Description and Appearance. Once you have clicked on this you will notice that you can edit the description itself, the web address which is how people can find your group other than searching for it, category, colors, and photo. Most of the time you will want to leave the web address alone unless you want to see if you can get rid of underscores or changing the name of the group a l…