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I Never Felt Lonely

I never felt lonely,
Even as an only child,
When I was young,
My best friend’s brother,
Was like a brother to me too,
I never thought or cared,
Things just seemed easier that way,
I was spoiled a little,
But also not,
Had to go without,
Sometimes would have to go
Few months before getting things,
K-Mart was my mom’s best friend,
But I never really felt lonely,
There weren’t times I couldn’t find,
Something to do even when I was alone,
Although I didn’t have an older sibling
To watch over me,
Or a younger one to help mold,
I learned how to take care of myself,
From a young age,
With my mom not being able to afford,
A babysitter as I started getting older,
My grandmother lived close by,
I never felt lonely,
No matter the circumstance,
Because I knew love,
Even though I never knew a sibling,
I did find out when I was older,
That I had a half brother,
But I have never met him,
All I ever knew was me,
But through the years,
I have adopted family,
And have become part of family,
And so although I might not have a blood sibli…