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Time seems to beat so slowly,
I watch the seconds just slowly pass,
The minutes cannot go fast enough,
The dreams seem so real,
The moment seems so close,
I just want to feel you in my arms,
I just want to kiss you like I have in my dreams,
I just want to give into the moment,
I just want to let everything just fit,
I just want to tell you everything,
That screams inside this heart and soul,
I just want to show you all the emotions,
That you only have heard on the phone,
I just want to show you how much you are truly loved,
And show that they are more than just words on a screen,
I want to show you that you are home now,
That life has even better meaning than before,
You brought light to my darkness,
And I have brought that light into your darkness,
You have given me hope again,
And I have given you hope again,
Time seems to beat so slowly,
As the moment of our hearts beating together,
Seems to inch slowly together,
To where I won’t have to dream anymore,
Where the dreams will be reality,
Time seems to beat so…