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Until The Day

Until the day you come into my life,
Until the moment I looked into
Your lovely brown eyes,
Until the moment we held hands,
I could never truly imagined,
I didn’t even really know
What is in my heart and soul,
I couldn’t imagine that
Things before would be a plate
Comparison to what is now,
Until that day we first met,
I could have never really seen
Or really know the beauty
Of not only a life changed
But the joy I feel every day,
God in His infinite grace and wisdom,
Brought us together,
And with time and patience,
Not only fully transformed
Who I was,
But also continues to this day
Bring us closer together,
No matter the hardships
And the good times we will have,
I know that the day you came
Into my life,
That you walked so easily
Without knowing into my life,
And until that day I met you,
I never fully knew
Or realized how wonderful
Love that is brought together by God
Is a truly wonderful,
And blessed union,
That brings happiness,
And beauty through the hardest days.