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Candlelight Makes

Candlelight makes everything extra beautiful, Makes every moment extra special, Makes any meal a four star hotel course, Makes looking into your eyes even more special, Makes this time with you, These moments, This place, More wonderful than any other place, In this world, Because this moment, This light, This time, Is better than any material thing, In this world, Is better than any other type of beauty, Around me, Is better than being to the farthest corner of the world, No Eiffel Tower, No Liberty Statue, No Walls of China, No Grand Canyon, Can ever compare to this moment, With you by my side, Candlelight makes the light dance, Across your face, In a way to see your smile, And your eyes light up, Just being in presence with me, Being in this oneness, Being with you, There is a feeling deep, Within the farthest depth of my heart, My soul, My mind, My all, Where you reside, Where you have residence, Where you are a part of, Where you belong, I ca

Sunset Of Fire

It’s the end of the day, The sun is setting, The world is starting to go to sleep, Animals are coming together, Night songs are being sung, Colors start to come across the sky, Giving the sun a depth, Giving the sun a different light, Giving the sun fire, Beauty is beheld, By those that are watching, Lovers reunite, Under the skies, Holding each other, Watching the moments pass, From one second to the next, Beauty takes the breathe away, Away from everything watching the sun, As the sky lights up in fire, It’s the end of the day, The sunset of fire appears, The world stands in silence, Wondering at the beauty, That has no explanation, No explanation but this, A wonderful creator, Created this splendor, We can experience, If we take a moment, If we take the time, To just stand, Stand in awe, At not only the awesome power, But the beauty around us, And the sun sets, The light of fire starts to fade, As the day turns to night, And night will than turn

Cloudy Days

Cloudy days, Rainy days, Darkness comes into view, Weather changes, Seasons change, Life goes on in its circle, Wondering, Wishing, Hoping, Emotions come into your heart, Remembering, Wondering, As you stare to the sky, Cloudy days, Whiteness comes into view, What will these clouds bring? Will it bring needed rain? Will it bring sorrow? Will it bring gladness? Will it bring pain? Will it be something people been praying for? Or something people wish there was no more? Crops grow, Trees become green, Flowers bloom, Sun fades, Clouds fade, The day turns, From every darkness is light, From every light is belief, From every belief is a dream, From every dream is hope, From every hope one remembers, That without the cloudy days, Without the storms in our lives, We cannot grow, We cannot live, We cannot become, What we are meant to be, So look up, Watch the clouds, Look inside, Let your life change.