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Day 15 Your Dreams

I believe your dreams grow and change as you grow and change. My current dreams I have include simple things such as getting my asthma where I can understand it more, to get married again, and to get some of my writing published from my poetry, short stories, and novels. I would like to even just get more writing accomplished and be able to write full time. I would also in the future be a stay at home mom and be able to home school any children I might get blessed with in the future.

Although most people wouldn’t have a health related thing the reason for that on my dreams is that because I am tired of not knowing or understanding what is going on with my asthma. I want to know at least if there is anything if at all that can help it. I have gone through many different controller medications with no help. Once I get my Oregon Health Plan going I plan on getting my asthma and anything else. I haven’t decided fully about trying to get on disability but leaning toward it more and m…

Day 9 Your Beliefs

My beliefs have changed a lot over the years. I wasn’t really raised in a Christian household I do remember going to church many different types throughout my young childhood from Baptist, Seven Day Adventist, and many others. The first time I was baptized I was about 13 and it was at a Mormon church. I had in one way or another always believed there was a God but never a firm grasp on much else. Although I ended up leaving the Mormon Church due to how they treated my mom they were good to us for a short period of time helping us with some hardships we dealt with at that time.

From the time I was 13 until I was about 16 I didn’t really do much stuff that was church related. I did go to Youth group related stuff for awhile and even did when I got into Wicca thanks to my 2nd boyfriend. I felt at that time it was the best thing in my life I had gotten into that and Enya. Although I considered myself Wiccan I didn’t really do much to practice it for many years and even when I got mo…

Day 8 A Favorite Song

Music has always been one of those things that I've enjoyed in my life. I have many different favorite songs for different reasons. I have found that usually listening to music also helps me write as it helps with the writing process. There have been so many memories some great and wonderful some hard and heartbreaking when it came to music.

One of my favorite songs is Mandy by Barry Manilow. Without this song I would have less likely have the name I was given at my birth. Some of my favorite romantic songs include Faithfully by Journey, Lifetime of Dreams by Journey, Everything by Lifehouse, and Heaven by Bryan Adams whenever I am asked about my favorite songs these ones come to my mind every single time.

There are many other songs I do enjoy. There have been many songs that have been dedicated for one reason or another throughout my years of life. I believe I will always enjoy music and my main favorite songs will always stay.