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My Life As Of Late

I have been pretty horrible.  I haven't updated here in a long time.  I been posting on my myspace blog but not here on things going on in my life as I usually mostly use this one for writing but I thought I update you all what is going on in my life.

Life Is Just Wonderful!
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I am sooo beyond happy right now. There is a wonderful guy in my life and he has made me smile more than I have in a long time. It might have been quick from the time I broke up with Brian to this but I am just so blissfully bouncy hyper type of thing. I am just enjoying every single moment I spend with him and always wanting more.

I do hope he comes with Adam to pick us up from our short vacation to Seattle. I am just a very happy person and found what I been looking for and more. Even Em has said that the emotions and my writing has changed that my whole spirit has become happier. So, yes life is wonderful!!

My Crazy Saturday Evening
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