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Close To You

All I want,
All I need,
All I desire,
Is to be close to you,
To feel that breathe,
To look into your deep eyes,
To hold you close,
To just be,
Every day I am with you,
Every day that I am not,
I just keep on longing,
Keep on wanting,
Just this simple thing,
Something some people ignore,
Something most people forget,
The simplicity,
The beautiful wonder,
The greatness,
That sometimes we forget,
Sometimes don’t take the time,
The time to remember,
How that closeness,
That simple moment,
Is more than any other thing,
Maybe I am crazy,
Maybe some might think its unreal,
To just want,
To just need,
Something so easy,
Something so simple,
To just be close to you,
To just breathe it in,
That moment of true bliss,
The beauty,
The love,
The ever flowing,
Whenever I am close to you,
Whenever I am in your arms,
It is that moment,
That pure joy,
Something that cannot be touched,
Something that grows,
Grows with every passing day,
This yearning,
This wanting,
Even when it’s only been a little while,
I want to be close,
Close to you,
Because it …