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Life As A Medical Anomaly Part 3

I am grateful for the doctors I have been seeing, when I was without insurance I dreamed of having decent doctors that seemed to truly care and engage me the way that the doctors I have come to know.   My primary care doctor is funny, sweet, is very upfront, and honest.   When I started having the pain issues and then later start having my asthma getting worse again she was more than happy to get me connected to the two different specialists that could help me and she has done an amazing job.   My pain specialist is informative, easy going, easy to talk to, and makes sure I understand everything, is always impressed on how much I am involved in my health care, and always enjoys that I put so much thoughts within my care.   Recently, I gained a new lung specialist that seems to be very interested to try new things, test new things, and interested in trying to figure out what will help my asthma be more manageable.   Since the loss of Dr. Hahn, who was my old lung specialist, for a