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Because God Deserves My Best

Numb emotions run through my mind, The tears have come and been cried, I took a stand for God, And His holy word, It was not easy, The words were not easy to say, Especially toward someone I cared for, For such a long time in my life, Following Him means we love all, We show love to everyone, Even those that disagree, But we must still stand firm, To His word, And not sway, Even if it might cause hurt and pain, People might not understand, People might not fully know my heart, But I said the words as carefully as I could, Even if it hurt me as I said them, The words were not easy to say, But I had to speak the truth, He sought the question of why I wrote, And I had to be true to God’s word, And through that action, I might have lost a friend, But I encouraged my husband, He was proud that I stood up for God, And for His word, That I did not back down, And made my husband want to be stronger, In his own testimony and in tel