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Day 7 Your Best Friend

I am very blessed to have many great friends in my life. Several I consider best friends. Although the more quiet and shy type when I was younger I always had at least one best friend in my life. My main best friends over the last few years have been Lacy, Janelle, and then Adam. Adam and I have known each other now for thirteen years. Adam and I truly have gone through everything together.

Adam has been my rock through some very hard times as well as some wonderful things. We have had our differences, our fights, our disagreements, but we have always gotten through it. We even had times of not speaking although now the last time that happened as been many years. I couldn't imagine going without talking to him more than a day anymore. He's seen me through some very rough relationships and it hasn't been really since my one with Troy that I have seen him agree so much on who I am with.

Through the now over sixteen months I have been with Troy I have come to find him …

Day 6 Your Day

It has been a very crazy day for me and this whole week has been super busy. Today I had to go to Spherion for having to update two pieces of paper which was a bit frustrating as I had just gone in there to meet with a newer person last month and they didn't have me update anything that wasn't updated a month before that. That place has gone through many changes as of late in staff beforehand it didn't seem that they changed that much but within the last few months it has changed twice.

Once that was done we went to the Department of Human Services so I could have them see the birth certificate, make a copy of that, and also get a letter stating my food benefits in order to send that to the Tuality Patient Accounting so that I would be able to get Financial Assistance for my last Urgent Care Bill I had through Tuality a few months ago. We went to Postal Annex so that my mom could fax her background check for a possible temporary position through Kforce at that time my …