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Complex World

Our world is complex, Everywhere we look things are changing, Changing at fast speeds, Hard to keep up, Where ever we look technology is changing, Brand new and faster, Speed like lightening, Our world keeps going quickly, We hardly notice the things around us, We live in a high profile fast pace world, A world that is straying, Straying from the Word of God, That it was once founded on, Prayers are not allowed in schools, God is not talked about, Even in churches many are turning lukewarm, People are going against every guideline, Every command, Every law, That God has ever given us, Wanting to take this part or that part, But not wanting to go with it all, Our world is complex, There are many still fighting for the values, The values that have been installed in our hearts, If only we would open them up to Him, If only we would put down our selfishness, And fight against our pride, And look around us more, Look how blessed

Love of Jesus

Jesus my Lord, Jesus my Savior, Oh, the love that you have for me, And everyone on this world, When you came for us sinners, To lay your body down, To be a sacrifice to give us freedom, Freedom from slavery of sin, Freedom from slavery of ourselves, Freedom from the devil’s hold, Jesus my Lord, Jesus my Savior, How grateful I am for the salvation you have given me, The gift that was free for me, But you paid a great price, Many people do not believe you, Many people do not believe you are the only way, Many people do not think more of you than a teacher, Or just a strong moral man, But I know the truth and the hope, The hope you give to all of us believers, The love that you gave to us, When you were nailed to that cross, That we may have everlasting life, A life without the things we deal with now, The tears and sorrow, The pain and aches, The trials and tribulations, The losing and death of those we love, We have faith an