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Life As An Asthmatic Part 6

Life has a way of making things interesting. I have thought and prayed, and prayed and thought some more of how to do this blog what can I tell you about my life that not only could help me but help you? What can I tell you that will inspire your life and keep me going? Since the last blog the job I thought was going to be a bit more lasting ended leaving me a bit sad because I came to enjoy the people I worked with and although the hours were hard at times it was nice to have something that wasn't too stressful but sadly it ended up being a contract position that although both my boss and supervisor fought for me couldn't extend.

Soon after Troy and I went to our Pastor's house for the church I've now been going to for quite some months and I asked for God to come into my life and that I wanted to accept Jesus Christ as my Savior to forgive all of my sins. Although jobless at that time I felt uplifted and my mind at ease knowing that God was in my life. Since than…