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I Never Told You (James)

I never told you that the tears felt like rain When they came down my face When I hadn’t heard from you in weeks, Or the way my body felt that a part of me died The moment that you left my side, Or how the one time you held me Made electricity touch a new meaning And how I knew that my heart was so big And so in love it seemed, And the dream seemed more of fantasy Than real reality, I never told you how the distance That was in miles never seemed that much As long as you and I were together And you secretly seemed to hold me Whenever we talked, Or the way my eyes couldn’t leave Your picture every time I looked at it Or the one chance I saw you, Or how the time you asked me To be forever yours Even only knowing me for a short period of time But you said you knew that you and I Were meant to be together Just from the first words we spoke, I never told you about the many letters I wrote In my journal that never will be sent, Or how hard it was to throw the pictu