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Thankful Of

I am thankful of this,
Of a time and place without the TV on,
Of a sunlight time on a beach with you and I,
Of purple sunsets in Paris,
Of the loud memories,
Of the quiet memories,
Of these memories right here and now in the silence
Of sometimes just watching TV,
Of sometimes just cuddling close together
Without thinking of the time or anything else in the world,
I am thankful of the place within us
Of how we link so close together,
Of how we are able to Faithfully keep together
No matter what may be thrown in our way,
I am thankful of this,
The love I see everyday when I look into your eyes.

Dedicated to David Shorb

Our Lifetime Of Dreams

This is our Lifetime of Dreams,
This is our sun within the spring,
There is no rain within this,
There is no pain around us anymore,
There is no heartache around us,
There is just this simplicity of our dreams,
The simplicity of our love,
Let the waters fall around us,
Let the blue skies fill our love forever,
The country might go on forever or might die
But that doesn’t matter as long as there is you and I,
This is our lifetime of dreams,
This is about you and me,
This is about everything that will always forever be,
And that is the simplicity of our eternity.

Dedicated to David Shorb