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The Moment You Came Into My Life

The moment you came into my life,
Everything was not right,
There was so much pain,
I couldn’t bear,
But I kept smiling anyways,
There was so much rain,
So much strife,
I didn’t know if I really could make it through,
But I kept on hoping,
Kept on believing,
Even through that dark time,
Then you came into my life,
Bringing love,
Every single emotion,
I thought might be lost,
I felt it seep through my heart,
Flow through my veins,
Carry toward every part,
What I thought was lost,
Was suddenly found,
Was suddenly gained,
Was suddenly back into my life,
The moment before you came into my life,
I felt like giving up,
Felt like giving in,
But then I prayed,
And hoped,
For something to change,
And then you came,
Bringing what I had been missing,
Bringing the love I knew still existed,
I knew that although there is hardship,
And pain that seems to be around,
That love still could exist,
And the moment I looked into your eyes,
Watched as you smiled,
The way I felt myself light up again,
It was like a new begi…


There is so much beauty in the world,
So much beauty around us,
Sometimes we get caught up,
Caught up in things that shouldn’t matter,
We don’t see the small things,
All the small things that really matter,
Should we always keep going,
Keep going on what seems to pass for beauty,
For things that should be sought after,
Instead of things that really do matter?
What has this world come to?
Where have we forgotten?
Forgotten all the truly wonderful beautiful things
That is all around us every day,
We put so much time,
So much effort,
So much wasted energy,
Although doing certain things is good for us,
We get so caught up,
Caught up in those things,
We need to remember,
We need to see,
That there is so much we seem to have forgotten,
So let us take a moment,
Let us stop our busy life,
And look a bit deeper,
Look deeper in what’s around,
Remember what has been brought to our lives,
Remember what He has given us,
Remember that beauty is found,
In not waist sizes,
But in how someone treats others,
How that person could be …

Lost Time

One of my older poems from many years ago that has always been one of my personal favorites.

Silent is the tears I hide,
The feelings deep inside
That remind me of you,
The moment of loss.

Loud is the pain in my soul
From the loss of you,
Is the rain that falls
Around me,
Is the time I remember
When you were with me.

Eternal is the love I feel
For you everyday,
The moment I first
Looked into your eyes,
The time you left me.


Listen to these words,
Listen to my heart,
Listen to the sound,
Listen to this,
We both know,
We both see it,
It is there even when unspoken,
Even through every single moment,
I look into your eyes,
You look into mine,
The feeling is there,
The feeling is deep inside,
The feeling in both of our hearts,
Listen to these words,
Listen to your heart,
Listen to that emotion,
Listen and believe,
Believe what you already know,
We are meant to be,
You and I,
The two of us,
Meant to be forever,
I love you with all my heart,
Love you with everything in my soul,
Everything in my being,
Just when I thought I knew love,
I found an even deeper meaning,
A deeper beauty,
A deeper heart,
When I met you,
When every moment has passed,
It grows,
It grows,
It keeps growing more,
Listen to these words,
Listen to everything around,
Stop fighting the moment,
Stop fighting what is inside,
I know this,
I know this in the deep part,
In the deep part of my heart,
In the deep part of my soul,
You and I,
We are meant to be,
God brought …

After The Rain

After the rain has fallen,
After all the hardships are washed away,
After all the hurt is gone,
After all the pain leaves,
There is beauty to be seen,
There is joy to behold,
There is love abound,
There are struggles all around,
There are times that are tough,
Things that are rough,
Moments where you want to give up,
But just keep on going,
Let the rain help you wash it away,
Wash away all the hurt,
All the pain,
All the strife,
All the moments of unblessed,
The moments that were filled with unhappiness,
Remember life is worth it,
Remember because He loved us,
He paid that sacrifice,
Poured out His blood,
Poured out His love,
So remember through it all,
Even those moments,
That everything seems against you,
Everything seems to be going against you,
Just remember that He’s always there,
He’s there for you,
Just keep praying,
Just keep believing,
There are trials,
There are tribulations,
There are times,
Than if you also have love,
Love from someone who cares about you,
Than no matter what happens,
No matter what is going …

I Don't Need Much

I don’t need much,
I don’t need many things,
I don’t want tons of money,
Tons of jewelry,
Or even a huge house,
All I need,
All I want,
All I really truly care for,
Is having you in my life,
Having the love between you and I,
Being there beside you,
Through every single moment,
Through every single dream,
Through every single hardship,
Through every single day,
I don’t need much,
I don’t need many things,
I don’t need the whole world,
Delivered to me in one way or another,
All I want,
All I need,
All that matters deep to this writer’s heart,
Is your love for me,
Is our life together,
Is every moment I am with you,
Is every dream that we share,
Is the comfort I feel whenever,
Whenever I am with you,
You are my love,
You are my joy,
You are my blessing so true,
I don’t need much,
I don’t need many things,
I don’t need anything superficial
For you to show me,
To show me that you care,
That you love me,
That I matter in your life,
All I need is that look,
The look in your deep beautiful eyes,
That shows me every single time,

Maybe In Time

An older heartbreak type poem I found

You gave me a death sentence,
You told me it was over,
The joy left my body,
Choices seemed to be gone,
Wishing this pain would leave,
Far to another place,
Another place and time,
How will I be able to live without you?
How will I be able to deal with this life?
How will I be able to keep going?
Don’t you know I gave up everything?
Everything to make you happy?
I put so much space between those,
Those who were my friends,
And than you uttered those words,
The words that changed my life forever,
You no longer wanted to be with me,
You no longer wanted to be my mate,
You no longer wanted to be by my side,
You no longer wanted me,
And I felt everything fall,
Everything fall into millions of pieces,
Everything falls down,
I than talked to her,
She told me it will be okay,
I am not sure it will be,
I never felt this sort of pain before,
It seemed so everlasting,
Something that would not end,
But she told me she loved me,
And maybe I can believe in that,
Knowing she had bee…

Close To You

All I want,
All I need,
All I desire,
Is to be close to you,
To feel that breathe,
To look into your deep eyes,
To hold you close,
To just be,
Every day I am with you,
Every day that I am not,
I just keep on longing,
Keep on wanting,
Just this simple thing,
Something some people ignore,
Something most people forget,
The simplicity,
The beautiful wonder,
The greatness,
That sometimes we forget,
Sometimes don’t take the time,
The time to remember,
How that closeness,
That simple moment,
Is more than any other thing,
Maybe I am crazy,
Maybe some might think its unreal,
To just want,
To just need,
Something so easy,
Something so simple,
To just be close to you,
To just breathe it in,
That moment of true bliss,
The beauty,
The love,
The ever flowing,
Whenever I am close to you,
Whenever I am in your arms,
It is that moment,
That pure joy,
Something that cannot be touched,
Something that grows,
Grows with every passing day,
This yearning,
This wanting,
Even when it’s only been a little while,
I want to be close,
Close to you,
Because it …


This love,
This heart,
This moment,
You and Me,
Every single moment,
Every single dream,
Every day,
Cannot stop,
Will never stop,
Keeps on going,
Keeps on going,
You and me,
This love,
Our hearts,
These emotions,
These dreams,
Wonderful moments,
Wonderful dreams,
Wonderful us,
Every day,
Every moment,
Every time I am with you,
Glad to have you in my life,
You and I are meant to be,
There is no end,
There was a beginning,
So blessed,
So blessed every day,
This overflowing love,
Love that reaches beyond any depth,
Any width,
Every moment,
Every dream,
Every height,
Every single day,
Going on forever,
Until the end of time,
This overflowing love,
Of you and I.

My Comfort

When I lay there beside you,
Watching you breathe,
Listening to your heart beat,
Feeling the safety,
The comfort,
Of just holding you,
Sometimes words are spoken,
Sometimes there is just quiet,
No matter what is going on,
No matter what is happening,
It is these moments,
This feeling that matters the most,
I feel a comfort with you,
That cannot be expressed in words,
That cannot be expressed in emotions,
It is just there,
There in my heart and soul,
I love you so much,
Love you to the very depths of my soul,
Very depths of my heart,
Very depths of my mind,
I have never quite felt this deepness,
This strength,
This bond,
That keeps on growing,
Keeps on building,
Keeps on,
Through everything,
Through every single moment,
And I know how blessed I am,
How happy life is with you,
With you by my side,
You are my love,
My truest happiness,
Something that cannot always be explained,
Something I wouldn’t want to anyways,
I just know this,
Whenever I am with you,
Whenever I am by your side,
There is this comfort,
A comfort that canno…

The Way I Love You

You, my dear have always been someone special,
Someone I often came to with all my hopes and dreams,
Someone I could hold onto and feel your warm hug,
Someone I could see forever happiness in,
Someone who I have known for so long,
Every moment together was like a thousand minutes,
Every moment felt like eternity come true,
We have had our moments of laughing,
Our moments of crying,
Our moments of dreams shattered so true,
Every time I looked into your very blue eyes I saw a future,
Oh so true,
You have always had the patience whenever I needed someone
You have always filled my day with happiness,
You have always been someone special to me,
I know that many people do not see what I see,
But maybe soon some wonderful person,
Will see what I see in your eyes,
What I see in your dreams,
What I see every time I look at you,
Just know my love you are always loved,
That you are always someone special,
That you will always hold a special part of me,
Something that no one else could ever hold,
Something that no one e…


Come follow me to the magical sparkling stream,
Let us dance in the cascading waterfall,
Let us walk through the dark green forest,
Listen to the music the tiny dancing winged fairies play,
Open your ears and hear everything around you,
Open your eyes and see the truth,
Don't rely on what you have been told is real,
Don't rely on what you have been told is fake,
Open your heart and see that dreams are true,
That dreams are not fantasy,
That dreams are reality,
Come follow me to the magical sparkling stream,
Let us dance in the cascading waterfall,
Let us walk through the dark green forest,
Listen to the music the tiny dancing winged fairies play,
Open your ears,
Open your eyes,
Open your heart,
Be still,
Be quiet,
And then hear all the beauty true magic brings,
When you learn to believe.