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Two eyes to see the beauty
Of the love possible,
Two eyes to see the love shine,
As you say my name,
Two eyes to see the dreams
Possible by being with you,
Two hearts finding a way home,
Into something eternal,
Two hearts finding a way through the darkness,
When the light seemed scarce,
Two hearts blended and intertwined,
Into one heart,
Two souls finding a way home,
Into what was hidden for so long,
Two souls finding each other,
In a world so crazy and cruel,
Two souls finding the strength,
To stay together no mater what is thrown in their way,
Two dreams coming true
In one reality,
Two dreams finding the love,
That they never knew could truly exist,
Two dreams finding hope
Within the two of them,
Two bodies forming one whole,
Two hands holding onto each other,
Two lips coming together in a perfect kiss,
Two moments becoming one moment of true bliss,
Two lives holding on,
Two lives holding strong,
Two lives finding a way through everything,
Two lives finding a way to be one whole,
Two becomes one,
One is two of th…


You are forever,
You are eternity,
You are the dreams,
You are the moments in this heart,
You are the everything,
You are what is needed,
You are what I see in my heart,
You are what I dream about every night,
You are the thoughts that speak through my mind,
You are the visions unseen by normal eyes,
You are these moments,
You are the never ending time,
You are the beginning,
You are the end,
You are everything in between,
There is no ending,
There is no beginning,
There is just this,
There is just you and I,
I have always loved you,
I have always needed you,
I have always wanted you,
I have always dreamed of you,
I didn't always know that you were the one,
I didn't always know who you were,
But one day you shined on me,
Shined onto the darkness,
Made visions true and real,
You are forever,
You are eternity,
You are this love deep inside my heart,
You are my everything,
You are all that I need.