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Wake Me Up

Wake me up,
This has to be a dream,
This cannot be reality,
This has to be a memory,
This has to be anything but what it is,
This cannot be true,
This cannot be real,
This cannot be what is in my mind,
Wake me up from this nightmare,
Of the pain and suffering,
The silence and the rain,
Someone wake me up from this moment,
Wake me up and tell me that this is not real,
Wake me up and tell me that this is just a bad dream,
That this isn’t the reality of my life,
I need to feel the smiles again,
I need to feel the sun on me again,
I need to not feel suffocated in my mind,
I need to feel the memory of life,
The memory of love,
The memory of happiness,
Wake me up darling I need out of this world,
I need back where you are,
I need back in your arms,
I need back where thoughts and love is not a struggle,
I need back where things are different,
Where I am accepted for who I am,
Where I am accepted for being the person I am,
Where my life means more than it seems to mean now,
Where my dreams seem to have meaning again and …

I Promise You

I promise you this my love,
That I will love you despite what others might say,
That my last breath would be of you,
That my last thought would be of you,
That my last moment would be with you,
I promise with every breath of my being to stand up for you,
To stand up for what is you and me,
To stand up for this that has been brought to us,
We didn’t mean perhaps for this to happen the way it has,
But it has happened regardless,
I promise you my heart and my soul,
You are everything I have always wanted,
And everything I wasn’t expecting,
And everything I needed,
And everything I wanted in the deepest part of my soul,
And the dreams that was left unspoken yet true,
And the thoughts that were there before you said them,
I promise you this,
You have a part of heart because my heart calls you,
My mind says your name silently but loudly,
Eternity seems to beat on forever,
And the moments slow down and all I see is us,
Within the rain of moments,
The good and the bad,
The moments just return to this,
The simplicity …