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I've Walked Down Many Paths

I’ve walked down many paths, In this thing called life, Going through many changes, Dealing with much strife, Many mistakes have been made, A few regrets have been, But I don’t regret the various people That have come through my life, Some were life lessons that had to be taught, Some are people, who are my dearest friends, Some were heartaches that shaped who I am, I’ve walked down many paths, Gone down many roads, Learned about different kinds of people Along the way, Found great friends through various means, And a life full of happiness as well, I grew to love And truly call home The place I was born, I’ve walked down many paths, Sometimes not always understanding, Sometimes not always knowing why, But through the hardships, Through the pain, Through the tears, Through the rain, I’ve also found happiness, I’ve also found kindness, I’ve also found hope I’ve also found joy, And I know even at the end Of each and every day, I’m grateful through it all, The good and the bad, And althou