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Don't Try to Change Me

Don’t try to change me,
I will not follow you just blindly,
Do not try to silence my voice,
Just because I believe differently than you,
Do not say oh she will hopefully come around
When talking of your beliefs
Because I will not change myself on behalf of you,
I am who I am because I’ve been down that path before
And I have seen the close mindedness and harshness of reality,
I have seen that the door just seems to close and it does not call me,
And it never will,
Don’t try to change me by trying to lecture to me,
And try to make me feel bad for choosing
What I have chosen as my path in this life,
Don’t not give me the all mighty then thy speeches,
I will just not listen and I will walk away,
Just respect my choices and I will respect yours,
Do not try to convert me,
I do not need converting or saving,
I am who I am and I will not change
Just for you,
I will not change for anyone but myself,
Don’t try to change me,
Instead accept me, for who I am,
And who I am going to be,
Please don’t try to change me,
I woul…