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Celestial Moon Magic

She felt the magic within her,
The magic from the moon and the stars,
Of old times gone and almost forgotten,
Of old times still in her memories,
Of old times that was in her blood and soul,
Of faeries and fairytales of old,
But the reality was ingrained within her,
She knew that the magic was real,
She knew that the moon and stars guided
As she worked quietly in her circle,
She casted and dreamed,
She dreamed of a place where magic was not hidden,
Not hidden like it was now,
Not where she had to hide everything she was
Just to stay alive and do what she needed and wanted,
Because she knew that her life was important
To the fabric of the dream,
The dream of where magic was reality
And not just in her life but everywhere,
And that it would be alive just like days old.

Changes of Spring

I have seen a many different life changing springs,
I have seen the rain fall around and drown my heart
,I have seen the sun shine and than be covered by the clouds
Shortly after it seems that the sun would finally shine forever,
I have seen the wind blow,
The oceans crash
,The tears fall,
The memories stop,
The memories start,
The memories last,
Dreams broken,
Dreams repaired,
Dreams put back together through much healing and time,
Love ended,
Love started,
Love mending,I
have seen many changes of spring in my life,
Changes for the better,
Changes for the worse,
Changes for what could go either way,
I have seen many changes of spring,
Changes I wanted,
Changes I needed,
Changes I didn't ask for,
Changes I did ask for,
And changes I would not change anything else in the world
Because of the outcome in my life.