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The Meeting

She stood in front of the mirror one more time, Double checked everything she wanted everything perfect, She wore the black dress she saw in her mind when they finally met That had been playing in her dreams, She was nervous yet excited, Finally she would see him, Finally she would be able to hold him, Finally forever could begin, Finally she could just be with him And not just online but in person, Her heart started to race, The seconds and minutes seemed to go so slow, She wanted to see him, She wanted to kiss him, She wanted to tell him everything she has felt, She wanted to give him all she ever told him, She wanted the day so perfect, She wanted everything to just be right, Her heart seemed so loud that she wondered why no one else could hear, Could anyone hear how much she was thinking about him? How much she was just eagerly waiting for him to arrive, She checked the time again it felt like hours not minutes passed, She wanted to start pacing but knew that wouldn’t solve the tim