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Molding Our Bodies As One

WARNING:  THIS IS A VERY EROTIC PIECE ADULT CONTENT.  This is one of the most erotic poems I have ever written.  Written for someone special. Flesh bodies lips and teeth, Where do I begin and you end? There is no distance as we meet, Bodies melded into one, Taking my breathe away, As we explore every corner and curve, As I gaze into your eyes, My hands roam, Wanting to caress you in every way, As I memorize the way you feel, Stroking with ease, As I take your manhood into my hand, Looking at you with a mixture of lust and love, You return with your lips and mouth, Making my nipples erect instantly, As moans of pleasure start, I begin to stroke you with such ease, Knowing the buildup has just begun, I shudder as you move your lips down, Trailing your fingers as you make your way down, Never letting go your gaze, As I know and anticipate the next move, Yet you linger and tease, As you add to the warmth and wet, Than you stroke my we

Back in the Day

Back in the day we let men be gentlemen, We let them hold our hands, Hold our hearts, Hold the door, They treated us with respect, They cared about us, And didn’t just use us for the next thrill, Back in the day women weren’t used as objects, Or just something to have one moment and not the next, Or just something that didn’t have any value, Or someone looked at because they were not thin enough, They were loved through everything, Cared more about who they are, Than what they looked like, Back in the day love was so simple, There was not so much selfish attitudes, There was truth in those words spoken, There wasn’t those that would hurt the one they loved, Back in the day marriages meant forever, There was no arguing on what it meant, It wasn’t meant for something short term, It was meant for a man and woman forever, Two people who were there for each other through everything, Back in the day there was more respect toward others, Pe

Dancing With You

Dancing with you, As we intertwine within space and time, This moment is something out of a dream, But the moment is real to us both, As my heart soars spending this time with you, I could hold onto you for every moment there is, And that still wouldn’t be enough time spent with you, This beauty is something written out of fairytales, But here it is in front of me, As you hold me in your arms, I gaze into your eyes, Imagining you holding me close and tight, My heart trembles as I think about you, This moment is nothing like I have ever experienced, The natural comfort I feel in your arms, And in your life, There is nothing that can truly express, These words cannot even tell you the truth, The truth my heart feels at this moment, Soaring above everything else in the world, Dancing with you, Wishing you could truly feel my touch, As it would graze against your skin, And I would hold you close to my heart, Letting no space between us,