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Before The Lord

In the past of my life, Before I came to the Lord, Before I found forgiveness, Before realizing truly that I needed forgiveness, Before realizing the pain and the hurt, Before realizing that I couldn’t do it anymore, Couldn’t keep going through my life, My life the way that I had, Believing that I knew all the answers, Or knew the solution to every problem, In the past of my life, I choose things that were not the best, I made decisions that I have regretted, I lived my life to my own principles, And through it all, Through those decisions, I reaped truly what I sowed, There were many heart breaks, There were many broken dreams, And I didn’t know how to truly handle it, And kept feeling someone else could fill, What only the Lord could truly fill, I followed the footsteps, Of people around me, Those people who were close friends, The ones that I counted on, My family was never close, And there was a path for me to follow, The

My Last Gift to You

I never stood up for you, Not the way people should, I never stood by your side, Not the way that I should have, I didn’t even know why, I let things rip apart, I let things crumble down, I let things get to the point, The point it was by the time it was over, When both of us were heart broken, And pieces laid all around, When it destroyed who we were, And what we were to each other, I had so much bitterness, So much pain and sorrow, I never really understood, Like I understand now, I let others in between us, I made many mistakes, And focused on your faults, I let our life become something, That we never wanted, We retreated to everything else, Everything that wasn’t us, We blamed each other, Blamed the emotions, Blamed the situation, Instead of working it out together, Instead of being the team, The team we were supposed to be, Time has passed now, Moments have come and gone, Bitterness has faded, Heart has healed