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Dream Of Me

When the light ends at the end of the day, When everything is quiet and dark, When you close your eyes and ready to dream, Just remember to keep on dreaming, Dream of me, The lovely girl that stands by your side, The girl that loves you with every breathe, The girl that loves the way you smile, The girl that smiles when you do, As my face lights up, Knowing that this is the love, This love, This life, This dream that has been brought together, God brought us together, He made us a pair, He knew what we would be together, Even before other things, He saw our futures together, And put us together as one, So when every night comes, Keep on dreaming, Dream of us together, The life we are building every day, The love that we share, The laughter, The happiness, The joy, Because our love is meant to be, God always knows what he is doing, As he does with us, You and I will be forever, So dream of me my darling, Dream of me every night, And I know in my dreams I dream of you, And how this love


Every single day, No matter what time of the year it is, No matter if it is Valentine’s Day, With it’s extra emphasis on love, No matter if it is spring, Fall, Winter, Or summer, I am committed, Committed to you, Committed to us, Committed to our love, Committed to our relationship in Christ, You are my everything, You are my love, You are my dream, There is a solidity in the two of us, There is a strength that grows every day, There is a love that builds every day, No matter what day it is, Just know this to be true, That I am committed, Committed to this relationship, Committed to us, I want no other, You are my life mate, The one chosen by God, And I know he was the one, That brought us together, And now that we are together, And now that I am saved, And I am baptized our relationship can be, Even more blessed than it was before, And I am committed, Committed to the very end, To you and me, To this relationship we have together, Thanks to God.