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Being With You

Being with you is a wonderful thing,
Every moment is true bliss,
Every time you have to go
My arms long for the next moment,
We can spend together,
Being with you is a beautiful dream,
That becomes more lovely
With each passing day,
Becoming more solid
As we spend more time together,
Being with you by your side
Holding your hand into mine,
Touching your skin,
Rubbing your body,
Sends electricity down my spine,
I catch a breathe,
I sigh,
And I breathe the very depths
Of the love I feel deep inside,
Being with you,
Being your one and only,
Having you look into my eyes,
Having my smile deepen,
Knowing I am sharing
In moments of complete happiness,
Of complete bliss,
Every single moment,
Every single day,
I become even more grateful,
Of being with you.

These Moments

Moments filled with blissful happiness,
Moments filled with your arms around me,
Moments filled with you kissing me,
These are moments that mean so much,
Such simplicity,
Such completeness,
Wonderful emotions
That surrounds my whole being,
I breathe in your scent
And I sigh
As the happiness fills my being,
And love fills my heart,
Moments filled with holding your hand,
Moments filled with looking into your eyes,
These are the moments I have longed for,
These are the moments I’ve dreamed of,
These are the moments many
In this world take for granted,
You my darling
Are everything I could ask for,
Everything I could have ever hoped for,
Everything I have wanted
For oh so long,
Moments filled with holding you,
Letting the quiet
And the peace surrounds us both,
It feels like a dream,
More beautiful than anything else,
But it is reality this beautiful dream,
These moments are real,
The feeling of safety,
And warmth that covers my being,
Are true,
I miss you when my arms
Cannot hold you,
I miss looking into your eyes,
But I ca…

Floating On A Cloud

Ever since the first day we meet,
Ever since the very first kiss,
Ever since the first time you wrapped your hands around mind,
Ever since the first time I have been in your embrace,
I have been floating on a cloud,
Feeling so high,
Feeling so light,
Feeling so happy,
Feeling emotions that were only barely touched before,
Every moment with you is magical,
Every moment with you is wonderful,
Every moment with you is dreamy,
This is exactly what I have wished for,
This is exactly what I have dreamed of,
This is exactly what I’ve always wanted in my life,
Whenever I am with you,
Whenever I am thinking of you,
Whenever I am dreaming of you,
Every moment you cross my mind,
Every moment you cross through my heart,
I feel like I am floating on a cloud,
It is a joyeous feeling,
This happiness that is inside,
This joy that I feel with you by my side,
The love that I feel every time I look into your eyes,
This beautiful emotion,
This beautiful true dream,
That is you and me,
This is everything I have ever wanted,
This feel…

I Want To Feel

I want to feel your lips against mine,
To feel our fingers against my skin,
To feel your heart beat
As I lay into your arms,
To feel your smile
As you gaze into my eyes,
Every moment I am with you,
Every single time I see you,
Every day that I think of you,
My heart feels so full,
Full of emotions that never
Felt as real and beautiful,
As the ones I feel with you,
My heart feels so blessed
Having you in my life,
There are no words that
Can fully express
Everything I feel inside,
The beauty of the emotions
I feel just being by your side,
I want to feel your lips against mine,
Feel your fingers as you touch my skin,
Feel as your warm arms
Wrap me into your body,
Feel all the emotions
And chemistry ignite
Through my body,
And I sigh
Knowing how wonderful life is
Having you by my side,
Knowing that all my prayers
Have been fully and finally been answered,
Now that I have you in my life.

You Serenade Me

You serenade me with the way
You look into my eyes,
The way you hold me close,
The way you touch my skin,
The way you kiss me softly,
I melt deeply every time,
The comfort I feel is so strong,
The happiness I feel is so great,
The love I feel is so deep,
Deeper than anything
I have ever felt,
You serenade me
With every small thing
That means so much in love,
It might not be songs you sing
With your voice,
But it is a song you sing
To the deepest part of my heart,
To the deepest parts of my soul,
You serenade me my love,
Just the way I feel
Whenever you are near,
Your arms are the best place
In this world,
Bringing feelings of comfort,
The sense of feeling safe,
The feeling of warmth,
And feeling loved beyond anything else,
So keep on serenading me my love,
Keep singing those songs to my heart,
Keep singing my darling
Because I am yours,
Yours fully
Until the end of time.


By just a mere touch,
By just a mere glance,
By just one look
I become breathless,
Everything else seems to disappear,
Everything else just seems to fade,
The bond still young
But yet so strong,
As your hands glide against
Every portion of my skin,
The chemistry ignites,
Sending happiness
And warm through my body,
As your arms embrace me,
I become breathless,
You give me happiness I never thought existed,
You give me joy I never knew could come to be,
You brought me a love I only read in fairy tales,
When I look into your beautiful brown eyes,
I cannot help but smile,
By just a mere touch,
Just a mere glance,
Just one kiss by you,
I become breathless,
As everything in this world disappears,
And fades away,
All I feel is the happiness,
The joy,
The love,
The beauty that is us,
In just that one moment,
And I become breathless,
Knowing how much I have longed,
Knowing how much I have searched,
Knowing how much I’ve waited,
For you to come into my life.

Take My Hand

Take my hand my dear,
Hold on tight,
Everything is going to be beautiful,
Everything is going to be great,
No more having to be afraid,
No more having to be shy,
I am here with you now,
I am going to hold you tight,
Just from one day of knowing,
Just from one day I knew,
That this is where I want to be,
I feel so wonderful whenever we talk,
And that one night we’ve been together,
Has been the best in my life,
Take my hand my dear,
Hold on tight,
Everything is going to be wonderful,
Everything feels so great,
I know I am already falling for you,
And you said you would catch me,
And I know you will,
Because this is the best thing that’s happened,
In such a long time in my life,
So take my hand my dear,
Hold on tight,
This is going to be wonderful,
Everything is going to be great,
Because as our relationship grows,
All I can see is a bright future,
Of the two of us,
In love.

Since I Met You

Ever since I met you I cannot stop smiling,
Ever since I met you I cannot be sad,
You bring a joy I haven’t felt in so long,
Just one embrace makes me yearn for more,
There is so much chemistry between the two of us,
That sparks just seem to fly all over,
Every kiss,
Every caress as you hold me close,
Every moment I have spent with you,
Has been absoulately amazing,
I haven’t felt like this in so long,
You make me feel like a new person,
With you everything seems brighter than before,
Ever since I met you I cannot stop smiling,
I feel things I thought long gone and forgotten,
You have brought so much happiness into my life,
By just one night together,
I look forward to your embraces again,
Being held in your arms,
Kissing you like the night we met,
I look forward to being with you,
Ever since I met you I cannot stop smiling,
And I believe the smiles will continue,
Because you my dear are amazing,
And I feel so much with you,
Just from that first moment,
When I looked into your eyes.

All I Want Is You

All I want is you,
All I can think of is you,
My mind has been wondering,
My soul has been searching,
My dreams have been waiting for you,
You are my secret desire,
The one that lies in my heart,
The one that lies in my soul,
The one that lies in every part of me,
All I want is you,
All I want is to feel your caress,
To feel your lips touch mine,
To feel your hands entertwine with mine,
To feel your body within mine,
All I want is you,
The very breathe of you,
The very heart of you,
I want to be in love,
I want to be in love forever,
You are what my heart desires,
You are what will bring happiness forever,
You compliment the very depths of my soul,
All I want is you,
Because you my dear,
Is what my heart,
My soul,
My mind,
My everything yearns for,
And I know that you are the one,
The one I want forever more.