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The Time Is Coming

The time is coming,
That time should be now,
We cannot keep waiting,
We must have urgency,
We must act without hesitation,
We must remember that the end is near,
This deadline is approaching,
No matter what we might think,
So many people keep on going,
Not thinking about the end,
They think there is no deadline,
Or they do not believe what could happen,
They want to believe the opposite,
They want to think it’s just a wives tale,
Just some words that was written,
It just cannot be true,
But those that believe,
Those that know,
We know the deadline is approaching,
We don’t know when it will be,
As we know only God knows,
But we must act now,
Live each day with Him in our hearts,
Live each day ministering to those that don’t know,
Be ready,
Be posed,
Be able,
To know that when he calls,
When he calls us to be judged,
That we have accepted Him,
That we have lived,
That we have walked,
In His ways,
That we repented every sin,
That we did our best with our sinful ways,
To be more like Him,
To be more what he wants us to be,

Mindless Race

So tired of this crazy race,
So tired of the issues that come,
So tired of this health issue,
Effecting every little portion of my life,
I am so exhausted,
I am much too young,
To feel this old,
Why does the world have to be like this?
Why does the world have to keep at this pace?
Why does the world force you to keep running?
Never really catching breathe,
Never really catching ground,
We run in circles,
We run round and round,
Never seems to end,
Burning the ends at both sides,
Never truly finding it seems true joy,
True peace,
True rest,
Everyone is so exhausted,
Everywhere you turn,
People going through things alone,
Not having anyone to count on,
Single parents due to variety of things,
Seem to have to work double hard,
It just doesn’t seem to be fair,
Why do we keep at this pace?
Why do we keep at it like a race?
Does it really truly matter?
Does it really have to be this way?
We shouldn’t have to feel like this,
That we have to do things like this or that,
That we have to run until we are exhausted,

The Earth Is In Distress

The earth is in distress,
There is so much going on,
The news tells a story,
But it doesn’t really get into the heart,
Of how the events are truly affecting,
Those people that are like you and me,
With the floods ruining homes,
Causing people to lose their loved ones,
And losing all that they had,
There have been earthquakes,
A loss of jobs,
And those that been dealing with
Those that had hard economic times before
Feel that they seem to get hit even more,
And start to wonder if they will now ever recover,
You only see a small picture,
Just faces on the screen,
But they are all dealing with hardship,
In one way or another,
Kids losing parents,
Parents losing kids,
People losing both,
Or people losing most of their family,
Possessions are lost,
Memories seem although strong,
Doesn’t feel the same anymore,
All there seems to be is pain,
Everywhere that you turn,
And although you and I can turn it off,
Turn off the pictures from the TV screen,
Venture onto another page on the internet,
We don’t…