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“So, now we understand what is at stake correct?”

“Yes, I understand.”

“Good you will have just a short period of time in each jump you do. You can see things, you can watch, but be careful what you do because it can change your whole life and you might not like how it changes once you do something.”

I didn’t think he would understand why I was asking this. I had to go back at least to look. At least to find out why things had gone the way it had. I just knew I had to do this, perhaps than I would get the answers, the answers that I had been looking for it seemed for so long. The answers on why my life had turned out like this and why I felt the way I did now. What had caused the damage that seemed to hard to get rid of. I needed to do this even with the look on his face. It was the only way I could truly move on, move on from what happened before.