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Roses Never Fade

Roses never really fade
They just hide in the darkness
Waiting to bloom
Inside our hearts,
Memories although bittersweet,
Tears shed in memory,
The sadness that crashes down,
Shelter the faded rose,
Light into darkness,
Darkness into the light,
Time slowly passing,
Dreams burnt in our memories,
Roses never really fade,
The memories they leave are deep in our minds,
They give us hope when we have none,
They give us dreams when we have no strength,
They may pass from our sight but they are always there,
Just in places you might not always find,
Roses may never fully tell you,
How much they love and care for you,
They might make you angry,
They might make you sad,
But they always do love you,
Although those that are true roses
May never be able to tell you in words,
But they try to hold you in their hearts,
The best that they can,
Roses never really fade,
They just hide in dreams,
In thoughts,
In memories of your heart,
And although they might be faded,
They never truly fade,
And although she is gone,
She still lives on …