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The Promise

I promise I’ll be there for you, I’m yours I promise, You are the one for me, You are my eternity, You are my true heart desire, To the very ends of this earth, You gave me your heart, I give you mine in return, You gave me your love, I give you the very depths of my love, That runs through my heart, That runs through these veins, That runs through these moments, As I hold you again, I promise I’ll be there for you, I’m yours I promise, I make this promise to you my darling, I make this promise true, I make this promise to you forever, Because I know to the very depth, To the very end, To the moments in between, I will always, And forever be yours, I make this vow, I make this promise, I tell it to Him, Every single day, I thank God every moment, Every single day, That you are in my life, That you are in my heart, That I have found you in all of this, Through the hard dark days, That can come at times, You are my forever, My everything, I promise I’ll be there for you, I’m yours I prom

The Key To Success

The key to success is knowing love, Is knowing Him, Is knowing beauty, Is knowing truth, Is knowing light, Is knowing when to fight, When to succeed, When to keep on going, When to stop and pause, When to look around, When to move ahead, The key to success is knowing faith, Faith in the highness of His glory, Faith in the answer of prayer, Faith in the salvation that has been given, Given when we deserve it not, Faith in blessings, Even when in disguise, Faith in knowing, That He always finds a way, That He knows what is best, And even when it is hard, When it is most challenging, That is when we need to believe, Believe even more, Trust even harder, Put our life in His hands, Let Him shape us, Let Him build us, Let Him give us, All that we need, The key to success, Is knowing this, Is believing this, Is giving our heart, Our mind, Our soul, To this purpose, And let him mold, Mold us to His image, And then we will gain, That key, The eternity, We search for, The eternity we live for, T

Those Sweet Words

Those sweet words, Those words that played, Those words that came, From your lips, From that moment, From that moment in time, That moment were time stood still, Where my heart raced, Like never before, I heard those words, The softness as they played, The romantic melody that eased, Into my mind that day, I could listen to those words, For hours on end, For days on end, Until eternity, Those sweet words, Those words that play, Play through this heart, As it falls in tune, In tune with yours, I feel it speak to me, Feel it to the depth, To the depth of my being, Every single moment, Every single day, And when you say I love you, And when you hold my hand, When you look at me, My heart melts, Melts to those words, Those sweet words, That simple melody, Of our hearts singing, Singing of the love, The love deep within, Every day my darling, It will only grow, Grow every moment, In that light, The light that shines, Through our eyes, As those sweet words, Repeat, Repeat, Over, And over, An

Isolation No More

Before I met you, Before you came into my life, Before I ever knew you, I was isolated, Isolated from true beauty, Isolated from true love, Isolated from what I feel, What I see, What I know, What I sense, Whenever I am with you, I thought I was in love before, I thought I knew that emotion, I thought I knew that feeling, But oh I was so wrong, I was so wrong to ever believe, To ever truly grasp, To ever truly know, Everything I know, Everything I feel, Everything I could ever hope, Everything I could only see, When you looked me in my eyes, And gazed to the very depth of my soul, It was only then, It was only at that moment, That you were the one, You were what I had been waiting for, Searching for, Keep believing to find, Kept on dreaming, Kept on knowing would be there, I love you my darling, I love you with my full heart, My full soul, My every part, Of this being, Of what is in my heart, Is yours to hold, Is yours to hold forever more, When you gave me your heart, Gave me that key

The Best Thing

The best thing in my life, The best thing in my world, The best thing is the truth, Of the love between you and me, You have given me your heart, You have given me your words, You have given me a whole new song, A new song I sing in my mind, Sing in my soul, Sing in my dreams, Sing it loud, Sing it strong, Is this love, Is you and I, Is this promise, Is this dream, That has become reality, You are my everything, You are my true desire, You are my eternal, Always going, Never ending, Love, The best thing in my life, The best thing in my world, The best thing was that day, That day you went on one knee, You took my hand, Asked me that question, Asked me to be your wife, And when I said yes, And I smiled, And I kissed you, My whole life changed, And I couldn’t stop smiling, My life is almost complete, All that I need is for it to finish, For us to become one, To become man and wife, To make that promise, To love, Honor, Cherish, Until the very end, I love you my darling, And I will love y