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Bridges burned, Emotions burned, Heart has been burned, Everything around me has been burned, Burned to the ground, Burned to the floor, Burned to beyond the ashes, Burned to the depth of the ocean, Heartache and pain, Tears and sorrow, Beauty destroyed, Everything is burned, Burned to no recognition, The heartache reads on your face, The unspoken hardship reads like a novel, The emotions you try to hide, From everyone else is plain, Plain to my heart, As I have seen it myself, The bridges that have been burned, The emotions that were burned to the floor, The heart that was hurting, The ground that you wanted to shallow you up, The floor that seemed like nothing, And there was no true place to hide, The ashes that were left of your yesterday, The sorrow that reached the depth of the ocean, Burned to the ground, These things that we go through life, Those hardships and pains that we all live through, Every moment that is f

Everyday Heroes

When you reach out to someone, Volunteer your time to help another, When you give out without expecting, Any gratitude or praise, That you help others because you feel the need, To help others that are in need, That you care enough about others to give your time, Your talents and help, Without worrying about who it might be looking, Or who else might know what you are doing, This makes you an everyday hero, When you care for your children, When you give to the school, When you encourage another person, When you pray for another, Without looking for any praise or gratitude, Without needing any recognition, To keep doing things to help others, Even if you are mistreated, To keep doing things no matter what is going on, Within your own life, Without needing a plaque or a speech given, To do it just because, You are the everyday hero, Someone who cares enough for others, Someone who reaches a helping hand for others, Without needing


Foolish stupid pride, You always seem to get in the way, You always seem to have the last word, You always seem to make yourself first priority, Without even considering how I might feel, Without even considering how much I will hurt, Without even considering how much tears I will cry, Just because you had to get your way again, You had to pop up when you were not needed, You had to show yourself off, You had to let my words come out hurtful, Instead of the caring words I wanted to speak, You had to let my emotions control me, Instead of keeping a rein on them, You had to stand in my way, As you do time and time again, Foolish stupid pride, Why do you feel like you have everything right? Why do you have to be in the way? Why do you want the last word? Why do you hurt those that I care about? I wish that you would disappear, Through those moments of painful misery, Through those moments of painful desperate heartbreak, You torment me