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I Never Told You (Jeremiah)

A newer poem due to the poetry challenge at Paul's group once again :)

I never told you how your eyes shined
Every time you smiled,
I never told you the way you made
Me smile and feel cared for
Every time you stood up for me,
I never spoke to you about
The crush I developed after
Not seeing you for five years,
I never got to tell you how afraid
I was when they thought
That you did something very wrong,
I never told you I wanted a chance
To be more than your friend,
I was more shy and quiet
And couldn’t get over my fears
To talk to you and pour out
The deepest part of my soul.
I never got to tell you how much
It meant to me when you
Signed my yearbook the last year
We went to school together.
I never got to tell you how much
Your friendship and smiles
And laughter you brought
Were part of the best memories
Of my younger days.
I never told you Jeremiah all these things
But I hope you know deep in your soul
That I always cared for you
And that you were always one
Of my best guy frien…