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Road of Life

Until you came into my life, Bringing beauty and not strife, Giving me dreams with meaning, Love without limits, A heart to call my own, A love so strong and bright, That people try to break us apart, But I am no longer traveling, On this road of life alone, You are here on this amazing journey, Giving me strength and hope never seen before, Giving me joy and love I only imagined, I am traveling on this road of life, But I am not traveling alone anymore, Because you turned my life around, You turned those grey dark clouds into bright white ones, You turned those heartaches from the past into dust, Until you came into my life, Bringing love instead of hurt and pain, Giving me a lifetime of dreams that finally came true, Every moment seemed perfect, As dreams came true by speaking to you, A connection so strong and bright, A love so deep and strong, And now I don’t travel on this road of life, This road of life alone anymore, You have been so lonely, Without knowing the ache and pain in your heart, The longing tha…