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By just a mere touch,
By just a mere glance,
By just one look
I become breathless,
Everything else seems to disappear,
Everything else just seems to fade,
The bond still young
But yet so strong,
As your hands glide against
Every portion of my skin,
The chemistry ignites,
Sending happiness
And warm through my body,
As your arms embrace me,
I become breathless,
You give me happiness I never thought existed,
You give me joy I never knew could come to be,
You brought me a love I only read in fairy tales,
When I look into your beautiful brown eyes,
I cannot help but smile,
By just a mere touch,
Just a mere glance,
Just one kiss by you,
I become breathless,
As everything in this world disappears,
And fades away,
All I feel is the happiness,
The joy,
The love,
The beauty that is us,
In just that one moment,
And I become breathless,
Knowing how much I have longed,
Knowing how much I have searched,
Knowing how much I’ve waited,
For you to come into my life.