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I'm Your Girl

I’m your girl not because
Of how sexy you are,
Not because you pay my way
With my money being tight,
But because when you hold me
I feel the world melt away,
I feel the dimples show
Because I cannot stop smiling,
But because when you hold my hand,
And you kiss me softly,
I feel love and passion,
Dreams and realty,
Hope and bliss,
I’m your girl not because of how
You open the door for me,
Not because of anything material,
But because of every non material thing,
Your kindness,
Your sweetness,
Your smile,
Your voice,
Your eyes,
The way I glow,
The way I smile,
The way I feel beautiful
Being around you,
Feeling the wonder that is us,
I’m your girl
And was the moment I held you,
The moment I looked into your eyes,
The moment you kissed me,
I knew than and I know now,
That I’m your girl.

This Writer's Heart

This writer’s heart has seen
So much pain,
So much hurt,
So much rain,
Through people who betrayed me,
Took my trust and laughed at me,
But I kept going on,
This writer’s heart has seen
The beauty of true happiness
In terms of her friends that care
For her in many ways,
I have seen happiness
With having a wonderful guy
In my life,
This writer’s heart has been
Through many hardships,
Had to make some hard decisions,
Had to leave those that hurt me
Yet still loved behind,
Had to endure many things
At a young age,
But through the pain,
Through the hardships,
Through the happiness,
Through the dreams made complete,
And those that were broken,
This writer’s heart has found
The way through the deepest darkness,
Through the almost impossible ways,
To just hold onto the belief,
That kept me strong,
Through every good and bad moment,
Through the times when my world
Seem to be crashing down,
The belief and hope in love,
A love to completely reawaken my senses,
My dreams,
My hopes,
To banish the bad memories,
The pain,
The broken drea…

Never Will I Let Go

Never will I let go,
As long as these feelings stay strong,
As long as you are wiling to try,
As long as you hold me tight,
These emotions run so strong,
It takes my very breathe away,
You are the guy I’ve been
Searching for,
For so long,
There is no one from my past
That can compare to this,
I’ve been swept away
Never will I let go,
Not when I’ve found you,
My heart skips a million beats,
Just looking into your eyes,
I catch a breathe,
As I feel the hope of love
Restored by being with you,
Never will I let go,
You need to not be afraid my darling,
It is a crazy ride,
But life is a crazy ride,
As long as we have each other,
As long as you give this a chance,
As long as you hold me close,
Maybe it is crazy,
Maybe it has been a blur,
Maybe it has gone fast,
But time doesn’t seem to matter
Whenever I am with you,
I could feel as if the world slow down,
Whenever I am in your arms,
Never will I let go,
My heart belongs to you,
You hold the key,
I am your girl
Now and forever,
Because I will never,
Never let you go.

Night Sky

I want to walk under the moonlight,
Walk with your hand in mine,
Stare at the stars
As they sparkle above us,
Making a wish,
Staring at the golden moon above us,
As I wrap my arms around you,
And I kiss you under the night sky,
Holding you close,
Holding you tight,
I feel the night sky move,
The stars twinkle a bit brighter,
The moon seems extra bright,
As the light shows
Our way through the night,
I hold you closer in my arms,
I kiss you under the beautiful night sky,
Wanting the moment to last,
Wanting the world to just stand still,
Wanting the moment to never end,
Every time I am with you,
Every time I hold you,
Under a night sky,
Or any other time,
I cannot deny these emotions,
I cannot deny this love I feel,
It only becomes stronger every day,
And as I hold you under the night sky,
I wish,
I hope,
I dream,
And I pray,
To be yours forever.

Dream Come True

Laying against you feeling your arms around me,
Holding you close and tight,
Feeling the warmth of our bodies,
As we touch not saying a word,
No words need to be spoken,
As I listen to your heart beat,
I feel the dreams becoming more real,
Ever since I have found you,
Ever since that first moment I looked into your eyes,
I felt that the dreams I have always had,
The ones that were in my heart,
Came true that moment,
The smile on your face,
The way you hold me close,
The way you kiss me softly,
Feeling blissfully happy,
Knowing this emotion is stronger
Than I have ever dealt with,
Or could have even dreamed,
Finding it seems my piece of heaven
In your arms,
Life around me might still be crazy,
But having you by my side,
I feel the calm,
I feel the love,
I feel even deeper belief that life
Is going to be wonderful from now on,
Laying against you feeling your arms around me,
Holding you close and tight,
Feeling the breathe slowly,
And I sigh happily,
Knowing that happiness has truly
Found me in my life,
Knowing that lo…