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My First Kiss With You

When I looked into those brown eyes,
When I gazed right there and then,
And I knew I was going to kiss you,
And I knew it was going to be a night I’ll never forget,
And then I kissed you,
Kissed you like I’ve never kissed before,
And I felt that connection,
Felt that spark,
Felt everything I’ve ever dreamed before,
I opened my eyes,
I looked at yours again,
And I knew that moment it changed,
It changed my whole life,
It changed everything from that moment forward,
It changed everything I could ever see,
That first kiss with you,
That first moment,
I just knew,
That connection has only grown,
That connection has only deepened,
That connection has only become more,
And although it has been some time now,
Since that first kiss with you,
Every time I kiss you,
Every time I look at you,
Every time I gaze into those eyes,
I feel that emotion,
I feel that feeling,
I feel that moment of bliss,
And I know that every time,
I kiss you it feels just like the first,
And I will never forget,
That first time we kissed,
Until eterni…

This Is My Dream

Being with you,
Being by your side,
Being with you every moment I can,
That is my dream,
Being your wife,
Being your girl,
Being with you forever,
I love you with every breathe,
Every moment,
Every day,
Just a little bit more,
This is my dream,
Although vision so many times,
Before I even met you,
You are my true dream,
My true reality,
So much more than I could have hoped for,
So much more than I could have imagined,
So much more than I could have ever seen,
You are so amazing,
So wonderful,
So everything I need,
So everything I have wanted,
I love you my darling,
I love you to every depth of my heart,
To every depth of my soul,
To every depth of my spirit,
This is my dream,
My life with you,
The life we have now,
The life we are headed to,
I love you my darling,
My forever,
My joy,
My hope,
My everything,
This is my dream,
Being with you,
Standing by your side,
Through every moment,
Every good,
Every bad,
Everything in between,
I love you my darling,
Love you forever,
Forever as this dream,
This dream has come true.

Day 28 Something That You Miss

During the week even though I get to talk to Troy online I miss him even if it is just the two of us watching something together there is something that is there that I feel every time I am with him. I miss watching him and his comical faces. I find myself thinking about his smile whenever I am not with him.

I miss life without the asthma although yes it has matured me in ways, helped me see things I didn’t see before, and helped me understand different people and what they go through I do miss some of the other things of my life before. Although I still am able to do a lot of things I have more limitations than I use to when I was younger and my asthma wasn’t as bad.

I don’t miss being younger even as a child or teenager although there has been ups and downs through all my life I know that through it all I’ve become a stronger person and wouldn’t really change those things even the harder times. There are times I miss certain people that use to be in my life but realize that some…