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Just Get Over Yourself

Just get over yourself,
You the person that thinks you are just so cool
By trying to cut myself and my husband down,
By trying to say shit about the way I act and look,
By telling me to get over things you have no
Inkling of an idea on what it is even all about,
You that just assume shit and twist it all around,
You the one that thinks I am jealous
When I think it is the other way around.
Just get over yourself,
You the person that thinks you are so cool
Now that you have my old best friend
Wrapped around your finger,
The one that I know somewhere in your cold heart
That you have a thing for him and won’t say anything,
You the one that is jealous because you know
That deep in your heart you will never have
What I had with him,
You will never be close to his parents like I became,
You will never share some of the memories and thoughts
That we have shared over the many years of knowing each other,
You will never be able to take away the poems he wrote me,
Or the words he use to say,
Or how he said how much I …

To The Man That Was My Father

To the man that was my father,
You were a wonderful man that took me in
Although I was not really your own and made me your own
Even though all that would have been was bonds from marrying
Who you considered your son,
You supported me although you didn’t always agree,
You loved me where my own birth father did not,
You cared for me where my own father did not,
You told me you loved me which were words
My birth father would never say,
You gave me hope that maybe not all men
That became fathers were not the assholes
That it seemed to run in my life very often,
You touched my life and many others
Before you were called away from this world,
You had the gift of making people laugh,
And to make people think.
To the man that was my father,
You gave so much to this world
And probably could have given so much more
If your life wasn’t cut short by a disease
That you never asked for and got from your younger days,
You gave faith back to our mom
And back to so many of us in so many ways,
You gave us love that set us al…

Today's Life Wonders

What a day it has been,
Where you don’t know if you want to be angry or upset,
When you find out who really are your friends,
And that someone that means a lot to you and someone else are gone,
And when another doesn’t have much more time left in the world,
When life seems to hit you with fast balls
And you’re left wondering to be crying
Or frustrated and mad at the way people you thought
Once cared for you were treating you now,
And you want to know could you cry
Until the sea of life swallows you from the pain,
And you want to know if you are angry enough
That perhaps the pain from the death and soon death
Will drown within your soul,
And you don’t know what to think,
And you don’t know what to do,
And you don’t know how to feel
How to feel anymore within the pain
Or the anger that you feel,
You want to be upset one moment
And than crying the next,
And you try to be strong,
Strong for yourself,
Strong for those others that mean so much to you,
But you want to cry,
And you want to scream,
And you want to do s…

About My Birthday

Your Birthdate: February 15

You take life as it is, and you find happiness in a variety of things.
You tend to be close to family and friends.
But it's hard to get into your inner circle.
Making the little things wonderful is important to you, and you probably have an inviting home.
You seek harmony with others, but occasionally you have a very stubborn streak.
Your strength: Your intense optimism
Your weakness: You shy away from exploring your talents
Your power color: Jade
Your power symbol: Flower
Your power month: June

Key To My Heart

This is a cool one :)

You are attracted to those who are unbridled, untrammeled, and free.In love, you feel the most alive when things are straight-forward, and you're told that you're loved.You'd like to your lover to think you are stylish and alluring.You would be forced to break up with someone who was insecure and in constant need of reassurance.Your ideal relationship is open. Both of you can talk about everything... no secrets.Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment.You think of marriage as something precious. You'll treasure marriage and treat it as sacred.In this moment, you think of love as something you don't need. You just feel like flirting around and playing right now.

And The Tide Turns

And the tide turned from one moment to the next,
Life was changing so fast and so new,
Two of her old friends were no longer in her life,
One made her sad the other did not affect her as much,
One was one of her dearest guy friends that meant
Everything to her that she would have done anything for,
Someone that she felt she could talk about anything
Or nothing at all,
About dreams, life, happiness, and all the betweens,
But then he and the other decided to hate
Who I decided to marry and not tell me
And hide what they were thinking and feeling,
And so the tide turned.
And the tide turns from innocence to life of pain and hurt,
The moments of wanting to give anything
And the talking of anything or nothing was gone
And the heartache was living deep in her heart
And the moments that she normally would share
A happy holiday wish or a hope or dream
Did not exist anymore,
There would be no more phone calls on holidays
Or well wishes and hoping that every year would be better
Than it was before and to be grateful…

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time I would have done anything for you,
I would have given up everything I had in the world to be with you,
I would have put all the others aside just for you,
I would have given up the life I had to just be with you,
Just to love you,
Just to be around that smile that use to send shivers down my spine,
Or those eyes that would catch my breathe everytime
You smiled with them,
Once upon a time I would have loved being called
Your one and only girl,
The one that you would have kissed softly
At anytime of the night,
The one you could have called your wife
If you didn’t change your ways,
The one you once sang to,
The one that you once wrote poems to,
The one that would have done anything to stand up
For you when others where mean to you,
Once upon a time when you were mine
I would have done anything to hurt others
If it meant to have you in my life,
If it meant that I would have been your one
And you’re only.
But that time is gone and life has changed,
You are no longer the guy I loved
Or the guy I u…

How Do You Mend A Broken Heart?

Is there a way to start explaining to yourself those things
As you once knew it were completely gone?
Is there a way to change your heart from loving someone
To pretending that they no longer exist in your world?
How do you tell your heart to stop loving someone
That you have loved for so many years of your life?
How do you stop your heart from breaking
And having you cry the tears that are hidden
Deep inside of your heart?
How do you pretend that someone that affected your life
For so long is no longer a part of your life?
How do you take back eight years of your life
And the memories that hunts your mind?
How do you remove the dreams
Of times long pass so that they do not hurt you
The way you know they would if they surface
In your mind?
How do you constantly remind yourself
That life as you once knew it is gone
And that there is no going back?
How do you answer all the questions in your mind
When you do not even know where to start
To even explain to yourself why things changed
The way that they did?

Over The Years

She was 16 and he was 20,
When they first met that fateful day,
He was the first one she opened her heart,
The one that really made her smile,
The one that really made her cry,
The one that she still loves all the while
Although things have changed through the time
And space that comes in our lives,
He was the first one her mom ever saw
Her daughter with for a long time,
He was the one that she wanted to first spend
Her life with although she didn't know
As much about love as she does now,
He was the one that she had to be
Friends with even if other things
Didn't work out because not having him
In her life was worse than having him
In her life and the pain that endured through,
He was the one that was there for her
When other relationships ended fast
And when her heart felt so broken
That she didn't know how she would last,
And how he was there for her
When the rain seemed to go on forever
And the sun would never shine again.
Over the years it never seemed to matter
How many times they were togethe…

Please Still Be There

A New Poem I Just Wrote About Hurricane Katrina

Please still be there my friend,
I do not want to lose you in the waves end,
I don’t want to hear that you were taken
By the flooding waters rush,
Or that you could not get help somehow
As everything that you knew crumbled around you,
Please still be there my love,
Although we are miles apart,
I think of you everyday and want you home with me,
Although we cannot be,
I hope that you survived we are to get married,
Please still be there mom,
I know we haven’t talked in a long time,
And I am sorry for everything I ever said,
But you mean the world to me,
And I don’t want you dying just yet,
Please still be there dad,
I know that we don’t always talk,
I know that I will always be your little girl,
I know that we are far but near in our hearts,
And I miss you so,
But please be there for me,
Please be there for me to find you,
Please still be there my son,
I know that you went there to the coast,
To make sure people got out safely,
But please be careful and return to me…

This is Cool

Explaination of the following terms which you will see on this post.

Golden Number: A number showing the year of the lunar or Metonic cycle. It is reckoned from 1 to 19, and is so called from having formerly been written in the calendar in gold.
Epact Number: The moon's age at the beginning of the calendar year, or the number of days by which the last new moon has preceded the beginning of the year.
The Life Path Number The Life Path is the sum of the birth date. This number represents who you are at birth and the native traits that you will carry with you through life. The most important number that will be discussed here is your Life Path number. The Life Path describes the nature of this journey through life.
Julian date: The number of days since noon 4713 BC January 1.

You entered: 2/15/1981
You were born on a Sundayunder the astrological sign Aquarius.
Your Life path number is 9.
The Julian calendar date of your birth is 2444650.5.
The golden number for 1981 is 6.
The epact number …

More Than A Piece of Paper

Degrees are said to be just pieces of paper,
Just something to show off to others,
But to me it is more than a piece of paper,
It is about heartaches that I’ve been through,
Heartbreaks and dreams broken,
Paths made and remade and changed
To different of what was originally planned,
Of meeting lost loves again for the first time,
And finding the truth of life and love
Through all its various emotions,
About finding and losing love,
About finding my own way,
About finding true love
In it’s truest form after much searching.
Walking down the aisle After calling my name,
Knowing that I accomplished what no one else
Could ever do in my family,
Knowing I finally made it after 5 years
Of going through and changing degree specialty once,
Going through the hardest time with my asthma yet
Finding a way to graduate when I planned,
And although through simple and hard times
And no matter what I had to go through,
I had finally made it,
And that is why it is more than a piece of paper.

I Sat Down and Cried Today

I sat down and cried today,
I sat down and wondered why today,
I let the tears flow and didn’t let them stop today,
I called a friend to tell her the story today,
I heard the news about you leaving the world today,
I wanted to bring you back so you were safe in the world again today,
I wanted so much for the news to be untrue today.
I sat down and cried today,
I just didn’t want to smile today,
I found out you were gone today
And I couldn’t stop thinking of the last time we talked today,
I remember how you were going to help me with a friend,
To get her out of the place she hated even though you had to work
The night before hand,
I remember all the times in chat on the game we played
And how we all would laugh from your funny words,
And how you were a great leader and friend on the game,
And that is why I sat down and cried today,
I lost a friend that was dear to me and found out today,
I sat and cried today
And you will be forever remembered my friend today,
And forever because you meant a lot to a lot o…

Has Anyone Ever Told You

Have other stuff to post but for now enjoy the new poem :)

Has Anyone Ever Told You

Has anyone ever told you
That you could light up a room by your smile,
That laughter will always be there when someone is down,
That your voice could soothe away sadness and pain
In just a few moments,
That no matter what is going on in my life
That you always come into it
Bringing smiles and sunshine on rainy days?
Has anyone ever told you
That you are cute just by the way
You talk to me,
That you matter so much to me
That I would do anything to just get you to smile,
That if life was different and it was a different time
That I would want to be your real girl?
Has anyone ever told you,
That you are everything to me?
That your happiness in life
Is my happiness?
That when you are upset I am as well?
That when the whole world falls apart on you
That I want to be the one to help put everything right
And put everything together again?
Has anyone ever told you
That I love you deeply more than a friend
And that I will always
No matter…


It doesn’t matter to me honey if you leave your clothes
On the floor for me to pick up,
Or if you forget to do the dishes when I need a break,
Or if I have to do most of the chores around the house,
Because I love you unconditionally,
There are no ifs or ands or buts,
There are no qualifications,
It doesn’t matter to me what you look like outside,
Because in the inside you are sexy and wonderful,
And always there for me,
I don’t care about your religious beliefs,
Or if we disagree on politics,
Or that I don’t always care about your musical choices,
Because all that matters is that you are here with me,
That you never push me to do things I don’t want to do,
That you hold my hand when I am hurt or scared,
That you always hold me and keep me feeling safe and warm,
That I am beautiful and sexy in your eyes
No matter what others might say or feel,
My love for you is unconditional,
Because no matter the hard times we might have
With money,
With life together,
With anything in the world,
We are in it together,
And …

I Never Told You (Mike)

Well Blogspot sort of messed up somehow posted all these posts I just reposted under David's name instead of mine and since it is my words I wanted to redo them.

I never told you how
The pain and hurt almost destroyed me
When I felt our relationship
And my dreams shatter like glass
As my heart and soul laid on the ground,
Or how I could only see the tears
That fell hard and fast
When the words I wanted to hear
Seemed far and not near,
I never told you although
I hardly spoke to you
And ran to another
That thoughts of you
Were never far from my mind,
Or how I would fall back into your arms
If you had told me you were sorry
And wanted another try,
I never told you how many times
I tried to pick up the phone
Even when I was with another
To give you a call to hear that voice
The voice that I knew would soothe away the pain
To make everything okay once again
And tell me that eternity would be alright again,
I never told you how many times
When my emotions were hurt by the words
And my mind was hurt by the things…

I Never Told You (James)

I never told you that the tears felt like rain
When they came down my face
When I hadn’t heard from you in weeks,
Or the way my body felt that a part of me died
The moment that you left my side,
Or how the one time you held me
Made electricity touch a new meaning
And how I knew that my heart was so big
And so in love it seemed,
And the dream seemed more of fantasy
Than real reality,
I never told you how the distance
That was in miles never seemed that much
As long as you and I were together
And you secretly seemed to hold me
Whenever we talked,
Or the way my eyes couldn’t leave
Your picture every time I looked at it
Or the one chance I saw you,
Or how the time you asked me
To be forever yours
Even only knowing me for a short period of time
But you said you knew that you and I
Were meant to be together
Just from the first words we spoke,
I never told you about the many letters I wrote
In my journal that never will be sent,
Or how hard it was to throw the pictures
That I once held so de…

Building Our Future

Newer poem for my wonderful husband David :)

We build these dreams,
We build them to last,
We believe in tomorrow,
We remember our past,
We give hope to our future,
We hold on tight,
And we hold on fast.
We remember who we are alone,
We strengthen what we are together,
We help each other believe in
Our dreams together,
Our hopes together,
Our love that we share,
And the future we build strong and firm.
We soften each others burdens,
We build up lasting love in our hearts,
We soften the differences,
We build up what makes us whole,
We remember we have imperfections
Yet remember to love all the same,
We are building our future
On this solid ground,
And even when there are hard times
We know that our love can keep us together,
Keep us strong,
And get us through all our trials and tribulations.
We will build these dreams,
We will build them to last,
We will believe in our tomorrows,
And we won’t forget our past,
We will give hope to our future
For the rest of our lives,
Because we will bu…

I Don't Want To Be Perfect

As always I try to keep my poem posts on my blog seperate from any other blogging and such I do. Here's my newest poem thanks to the Shania Twain song I Don't Wanna Be and well a few other things.

Fix your eyebrows,
Dye your hair,
Put on some make-up
Come on show that you care,
Be sure to be dressed just right,
And be silent unless spoken to,
After all you’re just a woman
And your opinions don’t matter like a man’s,
You have to work double time to count
That glass ceiling holds you in,
Manicure your nails,
Brush your teeth just right,
Lose a few more pounds
It’s another fad diet
But it shouldn’t matter
After all you have to fit in,
You have to look the image,
You must fit the stereotype.
It doesn’t matter if you got a mind
It’s the outside that counts,
Not the beauty within,
Forget all those stories mommy told you
If you really want to fit in,
It doesn’t matter if you can write,
Or heal people’s hearts and minds,
Or able to kiss all the tears away,
You must look beautiful