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Surround Yourself

You will surround yourself with Warmth and riches, With dreams and happiness, With laughter and love, With smiles and joy, With memories and moments, You will surround yourself with Beauty and love, Dreams that touch the sky, And touch the inner most part of your heart, Dreams that touch the inner most part of your soul, All of this can be yours, If you do this today, Surround yourself with these things, In everything that you do, Do not let the doubters get you down, Do not let no to make you stop, Rejection is everywhere, Some will never fully understand your vision, Your hopes, Your dreams, Your love that rides inside, No matter what is going on, No matter who follows you, And who leaves you, Keep this faith, Keep this hope, And surround yourself, Surround yourself with warmth and riches, Things that is not always tangible, But deep within your heart, True warmth and riches are not found, By money, By material things, By things that do not last, It

This Is How It Will Be

Just when you think it is over, When you feel there is nothing to fight for, When you feel that there is nothing, Nothing that can possibly give you hope, When darkness seems to be your only friend, And hurt is all around, Just keep on going, Keep on going, Keep that head up high, Because this is how it will be, Through the darkness and the strife, There is still always faith, There is still always light, There is still always someone, You have not come across to, That will bring you, Take you, Believe you, To the highest place, And this is how it is, Just when you think your insecurities, Are going to put a dent into your future, Into your life, When you feel like the voices, Are being so loud, And cannot be calm, And quiet, When you feel there is no end, To all of this, Just keep on going, Keep on going, Keep that head up high, Because this is how it will be, Through all those insecurities and those voices, There is still always faith, There is stil


Emptiness was filling the room, As things were removed, The memories still echoed, Through the walls, Even though much was not there anymore, The days were going quick, Studying the last bit of the walls, That was part of her home for so long, Many good things were made there, Many bad things were done there, The day was approaching quickly, Excitement was thick in the air, Life was moving forward, And soon she would be starting a new, She was marrying her best friend, In a few days’ time, Anything but emptiness was in her heart, Her heart was so big, Full of love, Excitement, Wonder, Dreams, Hopes, For her future, The day was finally coming, And the emptiness from the past, Was retreating more, And more by the day, Emptiness, Was around physically, In the room, But fullness, Was taking its place, Within her heart, As the days chase each other, And things keep on going, Emptiness in the room was growing, Emptiness in her heart was fading, And fulln

She Doesn't Belong

Summer memories start to fade, As the school bell rings, To start a new year, Laughter is echoed through the halls, As she walks through quietly, She is the one without many friends, She is the one that people pretend, That she does not even exist, She does not even belong, She holds up her head, Does not let it get to her, She knows the truth, Inside her soul, The guy she loved was away, And did not go to the same school, As she did, Her best friend was not there, To help comfort her, During this time, She hears the others laughing, Talking about everything from the summer, About the memories they shared, The ones she was not a part of, Because no one seemed to care, No one took an interest, From this lone girl, And she just wished she was anywhere, But there, The bell rings, She walks quickly to the class, The bullies now are on their best behavior, They rather not start something in class, She sits there listening to the teacher, Trying to put her mi

Imagine If Just For Today

Imagine if just for today, That there was no more pain, That there was no more war, That there was no more heartache, That there was no more strife, That there was no more sadness, Just imagine, Even if it was for one day, What would you do? If that happened today? Would you make the most of it? Would you go up to someone? Would you tell them how much you appreciate them? Even if you didn’t know them? Would you reach out? Where you are not reaching out now? Would you tell someone you love them? From the one you are hiding it from now? Would you give that chance? Because you are not afraid, Of someone hurting you? Because you are not afraid, To share those emotions, Deep within your heart, Deep within your soul, Imagine if just for today, That there were no more difficulties, That there was no crime, That there was no hatred, That there was only love, That there was only kindness, That there was only peace, That there was nothing more, Than caring, Shar

On My Way

On my way to work I found, You there standing, Looking around, Looking for something, Looking for someone, I couldn’t tell, It looked as you were looking, Looking for something that cannot be found, Not there where you are looking, So many people are lost today, Lost trying to find the truth, Trying to find the way, Trying to find something to fulfill, The emptiness they cannot explain, But feel inside their heart, On my way to home I found, Another one standing there, Looking around, Looking for something, Looking for someone, I couldn’t tell, It looked as they were lost, And they couldn’t be truly found, They wanted to find a way, Find a way to fulfillment, But didn’t know how, Didn’t know You, Didn’t know about Your Son, Didn’t know the peace that can be found, On my way to see my family I found, Another one standing there, Looking around, Looking for something, Looking for someone, I couldn’t tell, It looked as they were lost, And they couldn’t b

If Only I

If only it was finally that moment, If only time would go fast enough, But yet slow enough to enjoy, If only I could just walk down that aisle, To you as you stand there, On top of those stairs, If only it was finally true, The dream, The wish, The moment, When our lives start as one, When our bond is made, In the sight of God, In the sight of our family, In the sight of our friends, In the sight of everyone that means, The world to us, If only I could take that vow, That vow of honoring, Of cherishing, For the good times, For the bad times, No matter what happens in our lives, For every single day, To pledge myself to you, If only it was now, So I no longer have to wait, To be yours fully, To be your wife, If only I could be, Be your love always, Be your bride, Even though there isn’t much time, Even though the day will be here soon, I want to just make that vow, Speak those words, Tell the world, Tell Him, Tell our friends, Tell our family that

My Priorities

God is my priority, My faith in Him To led us in our path is my priority, Our relationship is my priority, Even through any difficult moment, Any difficult time, Any difficult situation, Getting through it is my priority, Loving you every single day, Regardless of what is going on, Is my priority, My commitment to you is my priority, Everything else is secondary, Knowing that He brought us together, Knowing that He must be our center, Knowing that we need to keep our foundation, Knowing that we need to work together, Work to make sure that we, Put Him, Than us as a couple a priority, Friends, Family, Hobbies, Interests, Jobs, Careers, Everything else Is secondary, Even though all these other things, Can be good in our lives, Can be helpful in our days, Him, Us, That’s our priority, Believing, Knowing, Trusting, Putting our Faith in Our Lord, That is our priority, Things come, Things go, Material possessions leave, Friends may come and go, But


We are connected, Trees are connected, The sky is connected, The sun is connected, The moon is connected, The ground is connected, Everything is connected, From one place to another, Through connections you can see, Connections you can feel, Connections you imagine, Connections you believe in, And every other connection in between, We are connected, Even if we might not know it, Even if we might not show it, Even if we might not believe it, Even if we might not desire it, We are all connected, Because we are all the same, And all different, We all have the same emotions, But the effects can be as deep as the soil, Or as high as the sky, There is no silver thread seen, At least by our eyes, But we are connected, Every part of us, Every one of us, Connected, Suns, Clouds, Sky, Rain, Trees, Roots, Together, Connected, Through our cycle, On this world, We are connected, Even when we do not see, Or believe, The connection is there, Deep in our hea

Love Grows On Trees

Love grows on trees, Because it should be given to everyone, To every person, For free, To see the hearts decorate, To feel that emotions, In the depth of your heart, In the depth of your soul, Money cannot buy true happiness, But love, True love, The love you feel in the depths of your heart, In the depths of your soul, In the depths of the eyes, When you stare close, When you look deep, Deep inside the one, The one you love with all your heart, All your soul, All your beauty, All of everything around you, Love grows on trees, Or so it should, As it is something precious, Something meaningful, Something that relies on every person, To have a heart, To open that heart, To give it freely, As trees give shade, As trees give us oxygen, In order to breathe, Love grows on trees, Because who needs money, When love can be free, Even if the money grew, It would not create happiness, It would not change us, It would not challenge us, It would not give us s


Night and day, Sadness and happiness, Joy and pain, Laughter and sorrow, Rain and sunshine, Love and hate, War and peace, Opposites around us, Opposites where ever we turn, We go one way, We get pulled another, Walk this way, Walk that way, Told one thing, But want another, We get told to act one way, But want to do another, These opposites are around us, These opposites are part of us, We have to deal with the changes, The changes in our life always, We have to walk, Walk in the middle sometimes, Sometimes we take a stand, Take a stand on one thing or another, Life is never easy, We all go through our struggles, We all go through our strife’s, We all have to make decisions, To go with this, Or to go with that, We have to decide, Will we stand on morals? Or will we follow things around us? Will we try with our might To keep on? To keep being strong? Do we even have something to believe in? Opposites, Male and female, Son and daughter, Mother and

There You Go Making My Heart Beat

There you go making my heart beat again, There you go playing that song, There you go making me fall in love, Falling deeper than I ever have, Falling harder than I have ever seen, Falling more and more, Through those words you sing, As you speak to my heart, As you speak to my mind, As you speak to my soul, As you speak deeply, As my mind listens, Listens to those words, Those words I have longed to hear, Longed to hear so long, So long since everything, Since everything in my life, I have been searching for, Searching for someone, Someone who would love me, Love me and care for me, Care for me and believe in me, Believe in me and adore me, Adore me and support me, Support me through everything, There you go making my heart beat again, Beat through that song, Beat through when all I thought was lost, I never expected, I never thought, I never believed I could find, I could find someone, Someone like you, Someone that could break through, The hardest d

Watching The Fireflies Flicker

Watching the fireflies flicker in the rain, Watching you sit there by my side, Watching the sky and the stars, Watching the world around us, And all I think about is, You and me sitting here together, Being with each other, Being in love always, Being just together, Not caring about a thing in the world, Just spending that time, Together, Watching the fireflies flicker in the rain, Watching the light dance, Across the plain, Dancing, As we sit there together, Watching the rain fall, Fall down to the ground, We kiss, We hold each other, We smile, We look, Our eyes say the words, Our hands hold together close, As we embrace, As we watch the fireflies flicker, Flicker in the rain, They dance together, As we hold each other close, Knowing there is peace, There is love, As we are together, Nothing will be able to break this moment, As we rest from the day, Coming home to each other, Finding solace from the world, Being together, Watching the fireflies f

When You Are Not Paying Attention

When you are not paying attention, When your mind and heart, Goes upon its own way, And it finds that one person, That you have been searching for, When you are not paying attention, You find dreams, Laughter, Hopes filled, Music, Smiles, And skies of blue, When you are not paying attention, Love comes to you, When you are feeling low, When everything seems dark, And your hope seems to want to fade, Because heartache has been there, Through moments that you cannot explain, And all you can feel is brokenness, Through every part of your mind, Your heart, Your soul, When you are not paying attention, And everything seems against you, Hope, Love, Joy, Will come shining through, Pouring through the darkness, Pouring through the grey, Pouring through that heartache, Come what may, And when you are not paying attention, Love will find a way, Because it is strong, Stronger than anything in the world, Stronger than the heartache, Stronger than the hurt, Th

Life Is Constantly Changing

Life is constantly changing, Every moment to the next, From one second to another, A minute to the hour, To the day, And the power of hope, The power of love, The power of a brighter day, Life is constantly changing, No matter how we might take it, Life is constantly changing, Through good times, And bad, Through struggles and strife’s, Through hope and dreams, It is how we handle it, That is what matters, As life is constantly changing, Relationships have their good times, And their bad, We build friends, We lose friends, We have arguments, We have conversations, We try to change our heart, And we stick to the morals, That means the world to us, Life is constantly changing, But we have to hold on, We have to hold fast, We have to keep believing, That there is still beauty, That there is still love, That there are still great people, That there is a reason for the strife, That there is a reason for hope, That there is a reason for all, That we go th

If Money Were No Object

If money were no object, If things did not have to cost, Things people would think be simple, When really it is not, Money does not have to be an object, To have what is truly needed in life, We all seek to find the answers, To the life that is given to us, To find joy in our life, To fill the emptiness, That we look to fill, With many things in life, But what we don’t realize, That no money, No material possession, No pleasures, Nothing in this world, Even the things that can make us happy, For a little while, Will give us quite, What no money, No worldly possession can give us forever, That is assurance, That is peace, That is finding a fulfillment of life, Joy, And things we could have never imagined, For ourselves, A path that we might not always understand, That has been paved for us by Him, All we need is His guidance, Letting Him into our lives, Into our hearts, Into our daily life, Even through the struggles, It is to make us stronger, To be

The Best Thing To Collect

The best thing to collect, Are things that mean the most in life, Friends who are truly there for you, And not a part of a number, A love that means the world to you, And is there for you every step of the way, Who supports you in everything, Who stands by you, And loves you every step of the way, Dreams to believe in, That keeps you working, Hard every single day, Days of happiness, To give balance to the hardship, That we all go through in life, Moments of gladness, Of celebration, To remember that life is filled, With joy, Happiness, Love, Understanding, Patience, Peace, And everything in the skies, The best thing to collect, Are things that are beyond measurement, That cannot be measured by amounts, Or be given a value, That is truly priceless, In a person’s life, In the wellbeing, In things that cannot always be understood, How a collection of smiles, Of laughter, Of joy, Of a look that is given, Of a moment of pure bliss, Of a moment of pure

First Thing In The Morning

First thing in the morning, As I open my eyes, I think about you, Looking forward to, Seeing you that day, Or talking to you on the phone, Or talking online, Looking forward to that morning, When you and I will be together, And I get to open those eyes, Look at you, See your face, Stare into those brown eyes, And know we are finally, Husband and wife, First thing in the morning, I pray to Him, Speaking the words in my heart, And in my soul, Thanking Him for bring you, Into my life, Into my heart, Bringing us together, First thing in the morning, I think about the day, That is coming soon, Where we will be joined, To become one, In front of our family, In front of our friends, In front of God, And all that love us, And care for us, First thing in the morning, I think about you, Loving you, Missing you, Until the day comes, When you and I, Become husband and wife, And I can than wake up, In that morning, Knowing I am your wife, And you my husban

Asking For Forgiveness

Asking for forgiveness, Forgiveness, That is what I ask, I know I cannot ask you, I know you will never truly know, I know that this is all it will be, These words on the page, But there they are, The words you will never read, Or know, And I must let that be, Let that be okay, Forgiveness, Asked it from Him, Took all my past, And gave it up, Told Him, Prayed to Him, Asked Him to please, Please forgive me, Know that I have done things, Know I have sinned, Know I have caused hurt, A time or two, Sometimes it wasn’t always easy, And sometimes it wasn’t always bad, And I know the difficulty even more now, And I have grown since then, It’s not a great explanation, And I wouldn’t trust you to understand, But I need to do this now, Do this even if it is words, Words on this page, Asking for forgiveness, Just to make anew, I want to live my life for Him, And I know this is something I must do, Moving on in my life, Starting something new, Found true happ

I Want To Escape

I want to escape, Want to go where we can be free, Go where it is you and me, Nothing else but us, Not have to worry, Not have to think, Just be, Holding each other, Loving every moment, Looking into each other’s eyes, Knowing, Believing, Seeing, All there is with you and me, I want to escape, I want to be there, Just with you, Holding you, Looking into your eyes, Knowing how wonderful, Life is, I just want to escape, Just leave everything else, Just have you and me, Without any distractions, Without having to worry, Without having to think of time, Without having to leave each other’s side, I just want to escape, Just want to be with you, And hold you tight, Every moment, Every second, Every minute, That I can, And escape to the place, Of being, Of being with you, Of being with you and me.

Listen To My Heart Beat

Listen to my heart beat, Listen as it makes the sound, Listen to the rhythm, Is it very loud? Does it tell you? Can you hear? Every single thought, Every single dream, Every single moment, Every single part, Loves you, Cherishes you, Believes in you, Has faith in you, Listen to my heart beat, Hear the sound, Can you feel it now? Can you hear it now? Do you see everything? Within this heart of mine? Listen to my heart beat, Listen my dear, Know that this feeling, This emotion, Will never change, As I make this promise, Make this vow, Give my heart to you, Hold you within my hands, Care for you with all my might, My strength, My hopes, My dreams, With every trust, I give to you my darling, As we both trust in God, So listen to my heart, Be soothed by this, This pledge, This heart, These words, I love you my darling, You can hear it in my voice, See it in my eyes, Hear it, Hear it in my heart, As you listen to, Listen to my heart beat, Beat

At The Top Of The Stairs

At the top of the stairs, There he waits, As I walk close, Step by step, Eyes are on me, It is our day, Forever is about to start, Once we say the vows, And we become man and wife, For the rest of our life, At the top of the stairs, There he waits, Watching me with his eyes, As I come closer, Step by step, His eyes are on me, Looking at his bride, Smiling nervously, Everything fades away, All the butterflies, Leave from view, Standing there, Looking at me, At the top of the stairs, There you wait, Waiting for me, As I inch step by step, Nothing else matters, All there is, Is you and me, At the top of the stairs, I walk those steps, To meet you there, To say those words, To make that vow, And become man and wife, At the top of the stairs, We start our life, Make that step, Start a new beginning, Together.

Life Of A Writer

Writers keep weird hours, Write from their heart, Write from their soul, Write until they cannot feel, Anything in their mind, Their heart, Their inner being, Writers love fully, Take many chances, Believe in things with their being, Wanting to see the world, Through their words, Create stories, Weave words, Believe in putting things out there, To the world, Knowing the hardship, Knowing the difficulty, Knowing how to leave everything on the page, Sees pages as something to fill, With words of encouragement, Words of hope, Words of peace, Words of love, Words of emotions, Words of laughter, Words of hurt, Words of pain, Words they weave, Again and again, Until the time stops, As the world slows down, They give it their all, Until there is nothing left, Until the words fail them, Writers create the stories, We hold near and dear, To the depth of our hearts, Tell us about beauty, Of friendship, Of true heroes, Of everything in between, They go th

Moving Through Life

Moving through life, Moving through the day, Moving through the strife, Knowing somehow it will be okay, Knowing that hardships are just part, Part of the journey, Part of this life, Through the bumps, Through the valleys, But I will continue through, With strength, With hope, With light, Moving through life, Moving through the moment, Moving through this time, This day, The good times, The bad times, And all in between, Knowing the work is worth it, Through the sweat, Through the tears, Of happiness, Of sad, Of hard times, Through the frustrations, Through the liberation's, Moving through life, Going through the lightening, Going through the rain, Going through that space, That time, The joy, The happiness, The love through it all, Moving through life, Moving sometimes fast, Sometimes slow, Sometimes in a trance, Through it all, And I keep on going, Knowing the joy, That lies ahead, That is before me, That is in the path, As I keep on

Inside These Four Walls

Inside these four walls, Inside this place, Memories are made, Conversations are had, Friendships are strengthened, Stories are heard, Inside these four walls, Time is well spent, Hearts are healed by caring words, Hugs are given to those that are in need, Hurts are put at ease, Inside these four walls, Beauty is see in everyone, No matter who you are, There is no judgment, Of looks, Of skin, Of eyes, Of abilities, Love is found, Love is held, Inside these four walls, Inside this place, Memories are made, Conversations are had, Friendships are strengthened, Love is shared, Faith is restored, Dreams are encouraged, Hope is alive and well, Inside these four walls, Is the place, Is the location, Is the feelings, Of home, Of somewhere to go to, Of somewhere to belong, Inside these four walls, Is the life, You have been waiting for.


Swimming pools, Water hoses, Kids playing all around, Summer break, Summer love, Memories made, Sun, Heat, Ice cream, Lakes, Camping, Beaches, Weddings, Fireworks, Picnics, Time together, Summer heat, Summer days, Summer memories, Summer dreams, Carefree days, Carefree moments, Under the blazing sun, Air conditioning, Special days, Barbeques, Family gatherings, These summer days give memories, That will last past this time, Pictures taken, Beautiful days, Promises made, Summer days, Summer nights, Fireflies, Volleyball, Sand, Cotton candy, Fairs, All these moments, Moments in the sun, Moments in the summer, Of when we became one.


Rain drops fall, Dark skies in the horizon, Dew drops come onto the flowers, Flowers bloom, The world awakes, As things become new again, Birds come out, Singing their song, As everything starts anew, It’s a beautiful spring day, The wind blows through the air, Lifting up the smells of the fresh rain, That falls upon the trees, The flowers, The creeks, The rivers, The waters flow, Rain drops fall, The animals come out, From the darkness, Feeling life anew, Within the world, And the rain drops fall, Bringing life, Bringing hope, Bringing joy, To those needing a renewal, From the cold winter, From the cold snow, From the cold darkness, And the rain falls, Falls down upon the world, Bringing renewal, Bringing faith, Bringing hope, Bringing a chance, A chance to believe again, And the rain falls, Bringing the spring, Bringing the new beginning, Bringing the hope, That so many have lost, Within the cold, Within the winter, Within the hurt, From t

The Key To My Heart

The key to my heart, The key to my love, The key to this happiness, The key to the bliss, The key to forever, The key to everything, Lives inside of you, Lives inside the promise, Lives inside the joy, Lives inside of peace, Of knowing you are with me, Even in the moments we are apart, I feel the love I have for you, In my heart, You are there every moment, You are there every day, You are there always, Through every moment I go through, The day is almost upon us, When we take that vow, To be one together, For the rest of our lives, You own the key, The key to my heart, The key to my love, The key to this happiness, The key to this bliss, The key to this moment, And the moment next, Because you are the one, You are my forever, I cannot imagine a day, A moment, This life, Without you in it, You are the one, The one forever, And this is why, You own my key, My key to my heart.

Better Off Being In Love

Better off being in love, Better off being here, Better off being with you, Better off knowing you, Better off loving you, Better off believing this, Better off than where I was, Better off than what was before, Better off because of you, Better off knowing you, Better off because this is true, These hearts joined in one, These hearts joined together, These hearts joined forever, These hearts yearning, To be under His feet, Under His love, Under His desires for us, Better off being in love, Better off being beside you, Better off taking this vow, Pledging my heart, Pledging my love, Pledging the good times, Pledging to get through the bad, Pledging to be by your side, For every step, For every hardship, For every good moment, For every dream, For every moment, From this time forward, I love you my darling, I love you always, I love you with everything, Today, Tomorrow, To the future, Depth can only be added, To these words, And because of these w

Your Dream Will Come True

Your dream will come true When you least expect it, Faith will hold you up, When all you want to do is cry, Love will flow through, Drenching every part, Of your being, Your heart, Your soul, The depth of your emotions, The depth of your dreams, The depth of every fiber, Of everything, Your dream will come true, When you least expect it, When you are not looking, Or paying attention, It will be part of the depth, Of the moment that comes, When everything seems to align, In a perfect way, When your heart skips a beat, When joy over takes your very soul, When laughter is within your eyes, And nothing else can even compare, To that moment, To the time where everything slows down, To where you can see clearer, Than you could ever before, Than you could ever imagine, Than you could ever believe, Your dream will come true, When you least expect it, When nothing else seems to go right, When the hardship seems to never end, The bright light will shine, The b

Trust In God

Pain and memories of past, Let go feel the embrace, Let Him into your heart, Take it in and breathe, Let it into that depth, To the very last pain and hurt, Cry about those struggles, And the hurt, And then let Him heal, There is no moment, There is no hardship, There is no hurt, That cannot be given, That cannot be prayed for, That cannot have peace, There is no darkness, There is no hurt, There is no depth, That He would turn away from, He hears our cries, He hears our hurt, He hears when our hearts, Don’t want to beat anymore, When everything seems dark, When everything seems lost, When everything seems that there is no hope, That faith is fully lost, That there is no light, There is no peace, There seems to be nothing, Nothing but this darkness, But fear not! Do not lose hope, Get down to your knees, Put your hands to the sky, Praise even while hurting, Believe even when everything seems gray, Know that He is still there, Listening, Waiting,