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All I Want

All I want is I love you,
All I want is to know,
To feel,
To believe,
That this love is real,
To feel it to the very depth,
The very depth of my heart,
The very depth of my soul,
To never feel alone,
To never feel like this,
By myself in a relationship,
A relationship that should have two,
Two hearts that share,
Two hearts that believe,
Two hearts that both fight,
Fight for each other,
Hold each other,
Hold within truly,
Hold within every single breathe,
To the very end,
All I want is to be held,
To feel safe in your arms,
To feel safe from everything else,
To feel safe from the world,
To be in that solstice,
That ever lasting peace,
That ever longing beauty,
The ever growing love,
All I want is a look into my eyes,
A look that tells me more than words,
Than words could ever touch,
Than words could ever say,
Than words could put into being,
How much you love me,
How much you need me,
How much I complete you,
The way you can complete me,
All I want is this,
This one request,
This one hope fulfilled,
This one dream realized,

Important Tips And Tricks On Filing For Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy can be an emotional and trying time for anyone involved especially with the negative connotation that is often linked to people who file for bankruptcy, but there are times that filing is the right decision for a person. In this article I will go over some tips and tricks about filing for bankruptcy and help you with deciding if you should consult a lawyer to file for bankruptcy. As one that has gone through bankruptcy personally, seeing my mom go through two versions, and my best friend I have run into the process quite a few times therefore I feel I can give some advice on what to know and what can be useful if one is considering bankruptcy.

I will be breaking this down to a few different sections of information. First, I will go over important information you are going to need before filing for bankruptcy. Second, I will go over some of the basic information you will want to know about the main two bankruptcies on the pros and cons of each bankruptcy in or…

When I Close My Eyes

When I close my eyes I’m somewhere with you,
I am not here by myself,
I am not here wishing for you,
I am not here wanting you,
I am not here just desiring,
Just hoping,
Just praying,
Just needing,
Something more,
Something beyond this,
Something across the skies,
Into that blue beautiful world,
Into that wonderful dream,
Into that wonderful hope,
Into that wonderful desire,
When I close my eyes I’m somewhere with you,
Holding you close,
Holding you tight,
Holding you with all my might,
Holding on,
Holding strong,
Wanting nothing more,
Nothing more than this,
This bliss,
This life,
This love,
This everlasting,
Never stopping,
Never ceasing,
When I close my eyes I’m somewhere with you,
I am not here,
Here alone just in my thoughts,
Inside my head,
The very depth,
Looking deep within,
Looking into those emotions,
Looking into those feelings,
Looking around,
Looking for you,
Never ceasing,
Never giving up,
Because I love you,
Because I need you,
Because you are the one,
And when I close my eyes I’m somewhere …