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And Suddenly There Was You

And suddenly there was you, There was a light to the darkness, Dreams from the hopes, Love from the hope that held together, Life that is built strong, Faith that is coming every day, And suddenly there was love, Love deeper than I have ever known, Love truer than anything before, Love stronger to last through everything, Love that builds more every single day, And suddenly there was faith again, Faith in love, Faith in deep hope, Faith in dreams untold, Faith in beauty of two people together, And suddenly there was you, A dream I have always wanted, A dream I had always wished for, A dream I had always prayed for, A dream that came true when you entered into my life, And suddenly there was true light, Light that flowed through my world, Making it brighter, Creating smiles, Creating dreams, Creating love, Creating hope, Light that glows through everything, You are my love, My light, My dreams, My everything, And when you came into my life, And when your smile came, I knew that suddenly

Blue Shinning Piercing Eyes

Blue shinning piercing eyes, Wavy brown hair When we were young. Slow time goes by, Blue ice sadness, Pain in heart and soul. Always was I left wishing, For time to bring you again, To bring red true love. Did you know of the blue tears? The ones on my face When I had to walk away? Blue shinning piercing eyes, Do you still see love? Can we try?

Take Me To The Places

Take me to the places where we have been, Take me my darling to where I want to be, Take me please to those dreams in the sky, Take me to those places where only you and I, Know where they are, Where everything is sacred and there is no pain, There is no unhappiness, There is no unrest, I do not want to be alone anymore, I do not want to be alone crying anymore, I do not want to be in this place Without you, I do not want to spend another day Without your smile and laughter, Without the dreams and the reality, Without the wiping away all tears, Without everything that is you, Take me away from here, I do not want this, I do not want this anymore.

The Writer

With her weary hands she writes wonderful words, Upon the blank to written page, These strong hands do eloquently write, These strong hands too painfully try, But the words seem so much, Almost too much for this forte writer, The phrase it seems to have grown, Shinning in the pale light of the moon, And in is growth it does take its toll, Her heavy heart, her heart now old, The page calls once more, Her hands they answer, Consumed with pride the writer subsides, And steps away from her work, Until the sun rises again, And the page calls out once more.

A Place Called Home

Cars zip quickly on the road outside, As the quiet breeze blow through the trees, Picking up the scent of the rain from the night before, Plant leaves reach toward the sun, As the spring blooms, Reach out to the ground, There is a small blue fish dancing in his bowl, Like a dolphin at play in the sea, He dances merrily like kittens playing with grass, The cozy soft pillow couches incite you, As they tell you stories of moments spent on them, Telling you conversations and memories Of the people who live here, Cushy carpets will sooth you’re tired feet As you walk around this room, And the vanilla scented candles Will try to overpower the senses, Instead of the still dry air, Outside the window you see birds Walk quietly on the bark dust, And although you will hear feet above you, And water running, You are taken back By the flowers and butterflies on the wall And the ticks from the clock next to you, And relaxed by the tranquil feeling, Of a place called home.

When You Feel At The End Of Your Line

When you feel that everything is going crazy, And nothing seems to be going right, And you feel that you are at the end of your line, Remember that there is always hope for tomorrow, There is always a way to find belief, To find faith, To carry you through those hard times, When you feel that you are in that waiting room, And you are wondering what is going on with your life, You feel like everything is on pause, That everything seems insane, That there are no answers, That there is no hope, And everything else seems to be going wrong, Remember that you are not alone, That you are loved, That you are cared for, That there are answers, That there is still hope, You just got to keep putting your life, Your hope, Your faith, You dreams, In Him, In His ways, In His words, There are always going to be hard times, Times of struggle and strife, Life isn’t easy, But it sure is worth the ride, Sometimes you will feel at the end, Sometimes there are times it is hard to remember, Sometimes it wil