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Without Limits

Without limits is my love for you,
Doesn’t matter the space,
The distance between us,
Miles my separate us,
Infinity my darling,
That word is more than a word,
It’s the depth of emotions,
It’s the depth of my heart,
My heart,
My love,
My arms,
My dreams,
Everything in my life is complete,
A complete circle of love,
Of a love so deep,
So pure and true,
Without limits my darling,
Our love grows stronger,
Our love grows deeper,
We build this love for infinity,
For forever,
For always,
Nothing else matters,
With our two hearts combined,
Into this love that is beyond,
Beyond words,
Beyond emotion,
Beyond time,
Beyond what the world may bring,
Our love is beyond any limits,
It reaches past through the hardships,
Through the distance,
Through the cards of this world,
Without limits this love,
This peace,
Our oneness,
We are infinity my love,
Nothing can break us,
Because our love is stronger,
Stronger than what the world,
What people,
What life there is,
We are a never ending circle,
Circle of love,
For infinity.