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My 4th of July Fireworks

Feeling your arms around me, Feeling every bit of you in my mouth, In my hands, In every part of me, Smelling the scent of you in, Bringing it into a constant memory, Holding you tightly in my arms, Not wanting to let you go, Not wanting to see you leave, Wanting to call you back for another kiss, Wanting to call you back for another hug, Wanting to hear you say I love you once more, Wanting the night to never end, Wanting this moment of bliss to keep continuing, Wanting more of you, Wanting that dream of forever true, Never have I had a moment so wonderful, As the moment you kissed me again, As the moment you said I love you, As the moment you said you missed me, As the moment you said those words That I needed to hear, Knowing that my patience has paid off, Knowing that my hope in us, Having the belief that things Would be good again, Knowing that our love is strong, That our love is stronger than anything, Knowing eternity is finally here, Knowing eternity is in this, Knowing that t